Archeus. An unchanging continent blessed by man-made Gods. But its long-standing peace is threatened by the Dust of death. The Dust turns all to ash, corrupting even the alchemists' Gods. Alchemists! Fight against this perilous fate!

The Alchemist of Ars Magna Releases Worldwide!

 Ninetail's "The Alchemist of Ars Magna" will be released in English and Simplified Chinese on March 31, 2023!
 Purchase it on the following platforms:
  • Steam
  • Game Jolt
  • IndieGala
  • Fanatical
  • DLsite
  • and MORE!
    ※Please note that only the all-ages version will be released on Steam. We will release a free patch to unlock adult version content for players with the Steam version ONLY. This patch will be available on a separate platform.
    Download the patch from JAST USA Download the patch from ※※Please note that this patch can only be used with the Steam version of the game. Other websites sell the all-ages and adult versions SEPARATELY, so be sure you are purchasing the correct version.

    创神之阿尔斯马格纳 本地化版本即将发布!

     由 Ninetail 发布的 创神之阿尔斯马格纳 已完全本地化为英文和中文(简体)!预定于 2023 年 3 月 31 日发布!
  • Steam
  • Game Jolt
  • IndieGala
  • Fanatical
  • DLsite
  • ※Steam版仅出售全年龄版。(在另一个网站,我们预定免费分发仅限Steam版本的R-18补丁)
    请从 JAST USA 网站下载! 请从 网站下载! ※R-18补丁为Steam版独有,因此请务必在各销售网站购买全年龄版和R-18版。

    VenusBlood International Series Sales Period

  • Valentines Sale: Feb 14-16
  • Spring Sale: March 16-23
  • During both periods, FRONTIER International will be 35% off, while HOLLOW International & Frontier Fandiscs will be 20% off! Don't miss this chance to pick these up at a discounted rate over at JAST USA!

    Regarding the Voice Actor Changes in VenusBlood GAIA International.

    Lunar New Year Sale (22nd - 31st) Has Begun!
    Take this chance to pick up:
    VenusBlood FRONTIER International at 35% off, VenusBlood HOLLOW International at 20% off, or the VenusBlood FRONTIER FanDiscs at 20% off at JAST USA!

    Happy New Year.

    The VenusBlood GAIA Pre-order Store is now Open!

    Kickstarter planned for August 2022! We hope that we can count on your support!

    Gears of Dragoon Fragments of a New Era will be released by JAST USA! Check out JAST USA's twitter for more information!

    VenusBlood GAIA International Teaser Site is now live!
    A pre-kickstarter character popularity poll is currently ongoing until the 3rd of June, and we hope you will participate!.

    JAST USA's Golden Week sale will begin on the 29th of April until the 5th of May! Both VBFI and VBHI will be discounted during this sale period!

    English and Chinese versions of VenusBlood FRONTIER Fandiscs (AfterDays 5 & 6, Dark Chronicles 2) have been released on DLsite and JAST USA.

    English and Chinese versions of VenusBlood FRONTIER International have been released on DLsite.

    DLsite ( English Ver ) DLsite ( Chinese Ver )

    Patch 1.07 for VBHI is currently available through a mirror site!

    The VBF FD Pre-Order Store and Add-On Acceptance Period has ended. Thank you all for your support!

    VenusBlood HOLLOW International has been released on STEAM! To celebrate the release, the game will be 10% off on launch week on STEAM! We would like to once again extend our thanks to each and every one of our lovely fans for supporting the VBHI project!

    VBF FD Pre-Order store is now open! It will be open for one month, so be sure not to miss your chance to purchase exclusive goodies!

    VenusBlood FRONTIER Fandiscs English Localisation Kickstarter Has Been Successfully Funded! Thank you all for your love and support!

    VenusBlood HOLLOW International Official Release!
    Thank you all for your support!

    *Bugfix patch 1.04 is now available, please make sure to patch your game for the best possible experience!

    VenusBlood FRONTIER Fandiscs Kickstarter will begin mid to late November 2021!

    We hope to see you all there!

    VenusBlood HOLLOW Master Build Has Been Completed!

    Once again, we would like to thank each and every one of you for all of your support!

    VenusBlood HOLLOW International's Release Date has been set to November 26 2021!


    This site is the official International website for Studio Ninetail and its activities. All the latest information can be found here or on our official Twitter/Discord!

    Want more need less (EN) : VenusBlood HOLLOW International Image Song

    The Bonds That Tie Us Tentacles Together Brings About a Miracle! Stretch Goal #7 "The Bond of Every Tentacles' Souls" Achieved! Thank You All For Your Love & Support!

    VenusBlood FRONTIER International has been released.

    VenusBlood FRONTIER International