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How VBF International Came to Be

We've long heard the voices of fans overseas clamoring for English localisations of our products, but never really found a good opportunity to capitalise on this demand.

In 2018, we decided to crowdfund this International Version of VenusBlood Frontier, and thanks to all our lovely fans both overseas and locally here in Japan, we have managed to raise approximately $260,000, and as a result, many new additions to the game have been made possible! We decided that we wanted to release both an English and Japanese edition of the game, which led us to the title of 'VenusBlood Frontier International'!

The Kickstarter was certainly a big success, and well, here we are!

Kickstarter Link

216000$ raised via Kickstarter!!
45000$ raised via Backerkit!!
175% of total goal reached and Stretch Goal #4 was achieved!!
A big thank you to each and every one of our backers!!

New Features in VBF International

New Character and Costumes!

The Golden Heroine, Disir
Once called the Golden Heroine during a Demon Realm conflict in the past, she is a warrior princess who is also the mother of Hel, Fenrir and Jorm.

The Bride of Thunder, Thor
Thor's love for Loki inspired her to wear this wedding dress, and her weapon is also adorned with lovely decorations, making her look even more appealing. One could say that the wedding dress is a maiden's battledress, after all!

The Winter Holiday Deity, Rigret
Rigret, dressed in her Winter Holiday Deity outfit. Her appreciation for her people and loved ones are turned into prayers that bestow the Winter Goddess with new power.

The Delusional Chief God, Odin
Odin, wanting to draw Loki's attention, decided to put on this dress for him. However, this dress actually contains a cunning trap...

New Scenes!

There will be a ton of new scenes added into the International Version of VBF!

The 3 heroines with new forms as well as the new character, Disir, will be getting new scenes!

Tyrca, Jorm and Fena will all receive a new scene, and a couple of common units will as well!

*Some scenes can only be accessed via the uncensored, patched version of VBFI

New Units!

4 new Commander Units!
8 new Backer Common Units!
6 new Common Units!

New Commander Units:
The Golden Heroine, Disir
The Bride of Thunder, Thor
The Winter Holiday Deity, Rigret
The Delusional Chief God, Odin

New Backer Common Units:
The Poisoned Fairy Princess, Erin
The Hero From Another World, Kharn Pendraeg
The Hero Clad in White, Gatsby Pugnome
The Dreaming CEO, Onikage
The Dragon Maiden, Mio
The Anesthesiologist, Doctor Yoshika
The Girl from Another World, Otherworld Teria
The Tentacle Rider

New Common Units:
The Wave Maiden Kolga
The Wave Maiden Bara
The Wave Maiden Hronn
The Giant of Darkness, Bolthor
The Invincible Goddess, Baldr
The Alcohol Deity Of The Sea, Aegir

New Balancing!

With new units being added to the mix, some existing units, items and such may have their skills and parameters adjusted and re-balanced.


The Opening and Ending themes remade in English will be added to the game!
Including new battle themes, a total of 6 new BGM will also be added!

Digital Soundtrack

The Official Sountrack houses all the tracks used in-game, including the new English OP and ED, as well as the new BGM tracks included in the International Version!

The Digital Soundtrack will be available for purchase at a later date.

World Setting

There once was a great war between the gods and the demons. Known as the Ragnarok War, this war drove humanity to the brink of extinction.

Under the protection of the goddesses, the surviving humans were sheltered and continue to live on the Floating Continent of Yggdrasil. Many years later, the protagonist Loki and 4 other royal heirs prepare to invade Yggdrasil, contending for the throne of the Dark Lord.


...Gods in heaven, demons on earth, and a giant floating continent inhabited by humans.

The continent known as the "Floating Continent of Yggdrasil" is also considered a floating miniature garden of the gods. It is a place where the human survivors of the great war live, the continent closest to the realm of the gods. The Dark Lord Surt who has his eyes set on that continent said this to his heirs:

"The one who brings me the Heart of Yggdrasil said to be safeguarded by the goddesses on the Floating Continent of Yggdrasil shall be the heir to my throne. As long as you get your hands on the Heart of Yggdrasil, I will not question your methods or your past transgressions. You are free to make alliances between yourselves, sabotage, or even 'remove' your fellow heirs as you would any obstacle. Kill and rampage as you wish, and prove to me your strength and worth!"

Hearing those words, Surt's heirs, all having motivations of their own, began their invasion of the Floating Continent of Yggdrasil. Among them, an ostracized member of the demon nobility, Loki, has also decided to participate in the prolonged battle for the throne.

To become the Dark Lord means you will stand above and at the very top of every demon. If corrupting the goddesses said to be as beautiful and elegant as a flower in full bloom will be the key that leads to him gaining the throne, he saw no reason not to participate.

5 invading demons, and 5 goddesses fighting back. All the pieces have fallen into place. All that remains is for him to wager his own existence in this battle and fight. In a continent caught in a whirlpool of chaos and ambition, Loki's own ambition burns brightly.

Army Composition

Create your own divisions, building armies with unique synergies to overwhelm your foes!

Create teams consisting of up to 6 units with varying skillsets into a division, allowing you to freely form teams tailored to your liking.

In order to not be defeated by your enemies, the goddesses, and rival heirs, your army composition will become a very important part of your strategy.

Base Investment

Make full use of your conquered lands and develop them!

As the war on the Floating Continent of Yggdrasil continues, the land you conquer will only continue to grow.

Production of food and procurement of resources are important factors that keep an army running. Build structures on captured territory according to the needs of your army, whether it be facilities that generate more gold, food, magic, resources, or training grounds for your soldiers.


Conquer Yggdrasil!

Invade the country governed by the goddesses, subjugate their capital city, and capture the goddesses!

Build your forces and capture enemy territory before finally launching an assault on the capital city in order to take over the goddess' country!

Intimacy/Ruthless Training*

Friendship, or domination?

Will you befriend the captured goddesses, or will you corrupt them, turning them into loyal servants who answer to your every whim?

*Some scenes are only accessible in the uncensored version.


Corrupt the goddesses, and have them reborn as fallen goddesses!

Corrupt the virtuous, gallant goddesses into depravity, and they will become a stronger and more loyal pawn.

If you want a goddess that specializes in battle, you can even break the mind of a goddess, turning them into a mindless doll or even a battle-crazed berserker!

Military Preparation/Growth

Outfit your subordinates with equipment, and raise them to become stronger!

As units gain experience, their status parameters will grow even higher.

The stronger your units get, the easier battles will become!

The Routes of Law and Chaos

Harmony or Pandemonium? Do the ends justify the means? You decide...

Depending on your decisions throughout the game, your Law and Chaos ratings will change. Depending on your choices, how the story progresses could change...As well as the ultimate ending to your ambition.

Multiple Endings

Virtuous, Corrupted, Mindbroken...Decide, and lead the goddesses towards a new FRONTIER!

Both the Law and Chaos routes have unique endings, as well as sub endings for specific heroines!

Do you opt to maintain peace, and settling down with your most beloved heroine...Or do you opt to throw the world into chaos, ruling as the new Supreme Ruler and keeping all the women to yourself?


Windy War Deity Tyrca

CV: Misato Ayame

The goddess of the eastern sky who governs over spring, Tyrca, is the third daughter of the 4 goddesses. She is also known as the "Windy War Deity".

She governs over commerce, livestock, and dance from within the Trade Nation of Edda located on the east side of Yggdrasil among the grasslands. She is said to be a goddess who brings hope and harmony.

As she is still a young goddess, she is a little naive. However, she is a compassionate maiden who harbours deep affection for humankind. She herself is very much aware of the fact that she is still lacking as a goddess, and she strives to better herself everyday in order to better guide humankind, mostly though trial and error.

One could say that the lively atmosphere of her country is a reflection of her own personality.

"I am Tyrca, the Guardian Deity of Spring! I swear on this blade that I will defeat you!"

Stormy Sword Deity Tyrca

The form taken on by the Goddess of Spring, Tyrca, after she has succumbed to corruption by Loki.

Her self-assured attitude and the way she often flirts with Loki makes her original active and healthy form seem almost like a different person entirely.

In this form, she acts more freely and unrestrained. However, she treats Loki with the utmost care and love, like the way a mother would with her child. One could say that her motherly instinct has become even stronger after being corrupted.

She shows no mercy to anyone who would go against Loki. With swordsmanship that has vastly improved compared to her previous self, her skill with the sword has reached levels of what some might call a divine miracle.

"As long as you're with me, the galeritters will fight for Master Loki too. Whether personally opposed to it or not, if my master wishes it, I won't hesitate to mobilize my knights. If you can't accept that, leave my band of knights at once. Don't feel bad about it. I'm the one who betrayed you."

Harvest Moon Deity Freya

CV: Satou Reira

The goddess of the western sky who governs over autumn, Freya, is the eldest daughter of the 4 goddesses. She is also known as the "Harvest Moon Deity".

She governs over agriculture, art, and academics (records and history included) from within the Agricultural Nation of Folk, which is known for having the highest population of humans and is also considered the wealthiest nation. She is said to be a goddess who brings blessings and development.

Apart from Odin, she is the one in charge of the 4 goddesses as the eldest daughter. As a result, her authority among the 4 goddesses is the highest. She gives off a very gentle aura and even against her enemies, she will never break from a smile. She is a very tolerant goddess and is considered the symbol of maternity.

While she does not express her emotions very often, it is agreed upon by her sisters that she is the scariest when you anger her.

While projecting an image of being a kind goddess who trusts all humans, she realises that humans have both a good and bad side within them. Despite this realisation, she has still decided to protect them.

She is the only goddess of the 4 to already be married. Despite the fact that he has already passed on, her marriage to a human king is considered a symbol of friendship between the gods and humankind.

The intelligence network of the people who worship her in Folk is a formidable one, and is a big factor in how easily she can collect information and keep up to date on the current situation in Yggdrasil.

"I bid you welcome, Prince of the Demon Realm. Since you took the time to visit, how about a cup of tea?"

Lunar Mother Deity Freya

The form taken on by the Goddess of Autumn, Freya, after she has succumbed to corruption by Loki.

The love and compassion she once had for all her citizens has been completely converted into affection towards Loki. To her now corrupted mind, Loki is her number one priority, and she always puts his needs above those of her citizens.

She easily gets jealous of anybody close to Loki, showing a budding, more humanlike facet of her personality.

Having fallen for a demon despite having had a human husband causes her to hold disdain for herself. However, she has developed a liking for it and now feels immense emotional highs from the feeling of betrayal towards her late husband.

"I am but a foolish girl who can no longer live without you, Master Loki! Aah...Master Loki, please, do scorn me more, please abuse me more...!"

Luminous Lightning Deity Thor


The goddess of the southern sky who governs over summer, Thor, is the second eldest daughter of the 4 goddesses. She is also known as the "Luminous Lightning Deity".

She is a broadminded warrior goddess who governs over military, mining and hunting from within the Military Nation in the south among the forests, Thrudheim. She is said to be a goddess who inspires bravery and bestows military might, allowing humanity to fight evil.

While the military nation she governs is a matriarchal society, Thor herself likes and respects those who are strong, regardless of their gender. Sometimes, even to the point of rewarding them.

When the demons invaded, she decided that she would be the one to bear the brunt of the assault and dives into battle without any hesitation.

"My name is Thor! The God of Thunder, Thor! You luck has run out now that I'm here, and none of you are getting away!"

Booming Battle Deity Thor

The form taken on by the Goddess of Summer, Thor, after she has succumbed to corruption by Loki.

Having been taught by Loki to be more honest and greedy with her own desires, she considers her corrupted form as something to be proud of.

Considering she already enjoyed fighting in her normal form, and that she now also enjoys destruction after being corrupted...One could say that this form is perhaps what she should have originally been.

"I'll make sure to devote myself more to you from now on, my Master...So, could you maybe pay more attention to me from now on?"

Glacial Guardian Deity Rigret

CV: Momoya Minami

The goddess of the northern sky who governs over winter, Rigret, is the youngest daughter of the 4 goddesses. She is also known as the "Glacial Guardian Deity".

She governs crafts, fishing and music (traditional ones included) from within the Snow Nation in the north surrounded by sub-zero temperatures and snowstorms, Glads. She is said to be a goddess who tests the strength and perseverance of humanity.

As might be expected of the youngest sister of the 4 goddesses, her youth stands out. While she puts up a facade as a symbol of worship and a perfect goddess who guides humanity, she really just wants to be pampered and fussed over.

While she can't exactly show it when in front of humans, she relies very much on her sisters and is very dependent on them.

"I-I'm the goddess of this land, Rigret! If you resist, then in the name of the Guardian Deity, I won't forgive you!"

Frigid Sky Deity Rigret

The form taken on by the Goddess of Winter, Rigret, after she has succumbed to corruption by Loki.

Having been thoroughly corrupted, her fragile yet pure and innocent personality has completely vanished, and she has become an impish devil who tricks and deceives men.

Because she seems almost like an innocent kitten, there is nothing more cruel than being faced with the reality of her personality on a battlefield as an enemy soldier.

After being corrupted by Loki, she now has a strong desire to monopolise his attention, and therefore clings to him constantly. However, he seems to find this annoying, and usually manages to throw her off or give her the slip.

"Will you praise me more, Loki? Faith is power...My Gjallarhorn can grant blessings, and with it, everyone would willingly, happily die for me."

Highest Heavenly Deity Odin

CV: Andou Ryuu

The protector of the Holy Land of Valhalla situated in the middle of the Floating Continent of Yggdrasil. The highest deity who looks down on humanity from on high.

Leaving the protection of Yggdrasil to the 4 goddesses she created, she only descends onto Yggdrasil whenever there is an emergency or something is in urgent need of her attention. In many ways, she can be considered the arbitrator who eradicates any and all problems with her overwhelming power.

She was originally a god with the body of an adult and had overwhelming divinity which is often said to be equal in power to Surt. After Ragnarok, and the creation of the Floating Continent of Yggdrasil as well as the creation of the 4 goddesses, she has exhausted all of her powers. As a result, she has now reverted to a more youthful form, and has lost some of her memories of yore.

She is a very rational and valorous god. If she deems something or someone to be evil, she will pass judgement onto them without mercy.

"Ahaha! Good, I shall allow it! It has been awhile since I have last seen a fool as reckless as you. I am the Chief God, Odin! Now, bear witness to my power!"

Wrathful Ultimate Deity Odin

The form taken on by the chief god and protector of the holy land after she has succumbed to corruption by Loki.

Having been repeatedly subjected to deep corruption, she has acquired a taste for mortal pleasures. She now repeatedly seeks Loki's attention whenever she has a chance.

The fundamental personality trait of hers that decrees for evil to be punished remainsthe same. However, due to Loki's training, the criterion for punishment has changed from what she considers to be evil as a whole, into what she considers evil towards Loki.

More than mere adoration, she shows empathy towards Loki's cause and as someone who stands shoulder to shoulder with Loki, she uses her godly power for Loki's sake.

To make an enemy of Loki is to make an enemy of Odin. Simply being an enemy of Loki is enough for her to wield the spear of heaven in that direction.

"I am sorry, everyone. As you can see, I am Loki's Servant Deity... From now on, I work for neither my people or for you. My power is to be wielded for Loki."

Storm Princess Hel

CV: Aoi Tokio

An heir to the throne of Utgard and the eldest daughter among the royal siblings.

The prodigal daughter who, even as a youth, chose to stand on the front lines of the imperial army of her own will, and has fought countless battles to suppress riots within the Demon Realm. By the time Loki was born, she was already a prodigy who has been left in charge of the large part of the imperial army.

Her skill at leading an army, coupled with her clever use of magic and tactics as well as her proficiency in direct combat is the reason why many consider her to be the heir closest to the throne.

Her personal battle prowess in undisputed as she is a top-class demon warrior who controls the elements of water, wind, and lightning.

"Do your best to cling to life, as my tempest spear will blow away your very soul!"

Subzero Succuwolf Fenrir

CV: Misonoo Mei

An heir to the throne of Utgard and the second eldest daughter among the royal siblings.

She is the pleasure seeker and laziest of all the siblings. She favours provocative clothing that entices men, and she searches daily for men who can entertain her by flying all over the Demon Realm.

However, as an heir to the throne, she is in fact quite powerful. One could say that the only reason she is able to live such a wild and self-indulgent life is in deference to her strength.

According to her, there is no greater happiness than the moment she captures and plays around with boys who have no experience with women.

Of the 3 sisters, she is the only one who holds any sort of affection for her younger brother Loki, but this is simply because she one day wants to his noble face twisted in humiliation, and to make him her pet.

"Oh, my dear Loki, you seem to be doing something really fun! Why don't you let your sister join in on the fun♪"

Punishing Serpentress Jorm

CV: Saki Yutaka

An heir to the throne of Utgard and the youngest daughter among the royal siblings.

A pleasure-seeking young lady who wields cursed nails in battle, she is a crude and violent girl who laughs a lot and gets angry just as often.

She is often very aggressive towards other people but is very emotionally attached to her beloved sisters.

She despises thinking about difficult things and tends to leave military matters to her subordinates. However, she makes up for the lack of tactical skill with brute strength.

When it comes to one on one battles, her power is just about equal to that of the ot her heirs.

"Kyahahaha! Hey, do you like pain?"

Crimson Prince Ymir

CV: Satou Yuuya

An heir to the throne of Utgard and the eldest brother among the royal siblings. In terms of age, he is, in fact, the oldest among the all the heirs.

While he has a gentle disposition unbecoming of a demon, his true nature is that of an unparalleled tactician said to be able to see clearly even within the darkest abyss.

Despite being somewhat inferior in terms of hand-to-hand combat compared to his younger sister Hel, his tactical and political skill is considered to be unparalleled in all the Demon Realm.

Despite saying that the heirs feuding over the throne isn't how things should be, and that they should be working together to tackle the task at hand...Deep inside his heart sits a "darkness" that nobody can see through.

Whether it is because he carries the deepest bloodline within the royal family, or because he controls the element of fire, he is known as the Crimson Prince.

"A fervent approach to battle is the key to any battle. So be sure to keep that in mind at all times."

The Youngest Brother Who Seeks the Throne (Protagonist)

The current head of Muspelheim, a tributary house to the imperial nobility which once held significant influence in the Demon Realm.

Loki lived his early life peacefully with his parents. However, one day his father was branded a rebel and executed for crimes he did not commit, while his mother was incarcerated.

Loki was not executed, but was instead forced to give up his dark gear, which was considered proof of his inheritance to the throne.

After that, Loki was forced to live in the castle, ostracised and branded as the child of a traitor. However, Loki has now decided to participate in the feud for the throne.

Armed with the spear and tactical mind left to him by his father, and the knowledge of magic and women taught to him by his maid, Fena...And finally, his ace in the hole, the power of the "Lord of Demise", he fights to win the throne.

"I will become the ruler of the Demon Realm. To that end, I'm willing to destroy every obstacle in my path!"

Lord of Demise
Hvedrung Muspelheim

Loki's trump card. By calling on his royal blood, the slumbering Lord of Demise will awaken and manifest in the world of the living.

Despite sharing the same body, his strength and personality are that of a completely different being.

"Who cares about the difficult stuff and minor details? Let's just enjoy the fight!"

Loyal Maid Fena

CV: Kanan

A talented maid who serves Loki.

While she is his maid, she is also a mentor to Loki, and instructs him in general education, etiquette, as well as basic magic.

She is the only one who sometimes calls him "Young Master".

Because she has been by his side for many years, she complains and chastises him a lot, and the amount of sighing she does only increases by the day. However, that is only because she loves him dearly. In public, she acts like a perfect maid towards Loki.

"I am Master Loki's maid, Fena. If you have business with him, please do let me know."

Wolfsbane Sniper Garm

CV: Akamurasakiao

When Loki invaded the Floating Continent of Yggdrasil, he brought Garm the sniper along, together with Fena.

From a young age, Garm has served Loki's father Farba as the leader of his riot supression force 'Equity's Edge' and because of that, he has spent many years by Loki's side.

Despite seeming somewhat detached, he is in fact the kind of soldier to devote himself to the person he serves.

"I am but a soldier, Boss. As long as you give the order, I'm willing to lay my life on the line anytime. So, what are your orders, sir?"

Infernal Emperor Surt

CV: Kyou Aoi

He who rules over the demon realm, the cold and ruthless high king who has aged.

He is the ruler of the Utgardian Empire.

Even among all demons who tend to live a long life, he is the oldest living demon, and his strength is said to rival that of the evil gods and devil gods, to the point of worship.

Despite his old age, it is said that if he unsheathes his sword, he alone can push back an entire army.

Because of Ragnarok, he has lost many sons and daughters, and those who are left that have a right to the throne are few in number.

"I loathe stagnation. A world filled with blood and cheers is the only way the world should ever be. To you, my heirs, who wish to become the next Dark Lord...I shall have you be the directors of this grand play"

Dark Lord's Secretary Menia

CV: Kanan

The Dark Lord Surt's assistant who supports him in dealing with internal affairs.

She is a cool-headed secretary who carries out the Dark Lord's orders with brutal efficiency.

Although she is Fena's sister, they have a very stormy relationship and barely interact with each other.

"I am His Majesty's shield. Know that as long as I stand, no blade shall ever reach his majesty."

Golden Heroine Disir

CV: Arigatou

Once the Princess of the Utgardian Empire, she is the daughter of Surt and is Farba's older sister. She is also the mother of Hel, Fenrir and Jorm.

In her prime, she was considered to be the heir who would succeed the throne of Utgard, and she was an unparalleled warrior with uncontested might.

Due to reasons known only to herself, she challenged Surt, who at the time was considered the strongest in all of the Demon Realm, to a fight, and died in a blaze of glory as the result of their conflict.

"Don't you go relying on a dead woman, boy. Looks like I'm going to have to fix that problem attitude of yours!"

Rebel Hero Farba

CV: Mizukami Kei

Even among all of Surt's children, Farba, alongside his older sister Disir, was considered a Hero within the Demon Realm. An elite soldier, Farba was the leader of the Riot Suppression Force 'Equity's Edge'.

However, one day, he was suddenly branded a rebel without cause, and was executed by the Dark Lord.

"With the time I have left...Until the very moment soul burns away...!"

Prophet of Destiny Sinmara

CV: Misato Ayame

Loki's mother, who was incarcerated when her husband was arrested for suspected treason.

A kind and noble woman, she always thinks about what's best for her son, and entrusted him with the Key of Destiny to protect him.

"Loki, take this key...One day, it will surely show you the path forward."

Sample CG

Sample BGM

The Empire of Utgard

Windy War Deity

Land of Steel

Guardian of Yggdrasil

Loser's Fate

Approaching Crisis

Fena's Job

A New Battle

Golden Heroine

Title VenusBlood FRONTIER International
Genre Goddess Corruption Tentacle Turn-Based Adventure Strategy RPG
Release Date December 20th 2019
Compatible OS Windows 7/8.1/10(DirectX9.0 and above)
Storage Space Required 3.2GB and above
CPU PentiumW1.5(2.0)Ghz
Memory 1024(2048)MB
V-RAM 64(128)MB
Screen Resolution 960x720 and above, Full Colour
Developer © dualtail
Product Code TDED-10 (English Version)
Available for purchase digitally at: (JAST USA / Steam)
The December 20th release date is for JAST USA's Version of VBFI. Should the Steam review process end in a timely and favourable manner, it will be released on the same date as the JAST USA version.
Price $39.95