Information Regarding User Support

For support regarding specifically the jast version, Please contact JAST USA on their website.

For support regarding the chinese version, Please contact KAGURA GAMES on their website.

Ninetail User Support

We recommend joining our Discord channel which is filled with other members of the Ninetail community who often share and troubleshoot problems regarding the game with each other, and there is a chance the answer to your problem is contained there.

Please only contact us directly as a last resort, at for english support.

As we only have one staff member who can deal with support inquiries, it may take awhile for us to reply, and we thank you for your understanding regarding this matter.

We do not offer support for inquiries regarding gameplay tips or tricks, or any FAQ regarding our games.

If you would like tips and/or hints on how to beat the game, you are free to discuss that in the Discord channel.