Regarding the Voice Actor Changes in VenusBlood GAIA International

Thank you for your continued support of the VenusBlood Series. At this time, we have an announcement regarding some Voice Actor/Actress changes in VenusBlood GAIA International.
In regards to Vanilla's original Voice Actress in GAIA, Aoi Miu, she is currently in poor physical health, and as the recording period happened to fall within this period, she was unable to reprise her role as Vanilla for the new scenes in GAIA International.
As such, we have decided to ask Misonoo Mei, who had also performed Vanilla's role in the recent GAIA Fandiscs, to take over voicing Vanilla for the extra scenes in GAIA International.
We are very sorry to have to deliver such news, but things are what they are, and we thank you for your understanding regarding this matter.
As the scenes from the vanilla GAIA release where Vanilla is involved were voiced by Aoi Miu, her name will still be listed as Vanilla's Voice Actress alongside Misonoo Mei.
Consequently, Henrietta, with her new appearance in her own scene in GAIA International, will now be voiced by Momozono Kaoru.
The Catgirl Remy (side character) will now be voiced by Yuzuki Sachi.
As both Henrietta and Remy will have all of their lines re-recorded, even for the scenes in vanilla GAIA, their Voice Actor credits will be listed as the new Voice Actresses.
We thank you for your understanding regarding these changes.

Sincerely, Keimaru (Ninetail Director)
February 10th, 2023