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As recorded in the annals of history, a period of war led to the eventual conquering of the Floating Continent of Yggdrasil by the Overlord Loki and the former Goddesses of the Four Seasons—now servant deities—and the founding of the Asgard Empire.

500 years have passed since the conquering of Yggdrasil, and the Overlord Loki has vanished. The Goddess Odin whom he had left to rule in his stead has left the mortal realm. Tensions now rise, years after her death. Hostilities between the Demons and Gods of the Empire, rising Spirituality of the Dark Lords and the Goddesses of eld... The flames of war threaten to engulf the realm once more.

The belief in Divine Supremacy clashes with that of the Liberation of Demonkind... Opposing views and agendas that could soon spark a bloody civil war.

Though born of the same bloodline as the Goddess Tyrca, the strong demonic blood coursing through Vali's veins gives him prominent demonic features. He is a firm believer in the principles of Divine-Demon Unification, and he has raised an army to fight for these ideals.

His sister-in-law, Brunhilde, on the other hand, had recently awakened as a Goddess. She has been tasked with hunting him down, and it is in the chaos of her hunt that Vali chances upon a fated meeting with a youth who shares the same name as the Overlord Loki.

"Show me your potential. The potential of an Overlord who would devour the chaos of both the Divine and the Demonic... Yes, as the Overlord Loki did once before. In adversity did he stand, and by his own hand, he conquered all the land."

With those words, the youth named Loki handed Vali the Key of Yggdrasil. With it, he gains the power to subjugate goddesses and dominate demons. With it, he takes the first step towards becoming the Conqueror of a new age.





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