VenusBlood GAIA International

The Third VenusBlood Series Localization Project, VenusBlood GAIA International!
Kickstarter planned for July 2022, but before that, we would appreciate it if you would cooperate with us on a pre-Kickstarter Character Popularity Poll!
Survey Period is from the 13th of May until the 15th of June.

VenusBloodシリーズ ローカライズの第3弾は、VenusBlood GAIA!

Link to Survey (※英文) キャラクター人気投票(※Japanese)
VenusBlood HOLLOW

Simple Introduction to Gaia:

Once, long ago, the island of Palastra was shaped by the 5 Divine Beasts, and flourished under their protection.
However, after a few centuries, the state of the world worsened, and moved into what came to be known as the Twilight Age.
The oceans dried up, the birthrate of all races dropped drastically, and an unknown plague ravages the land. All over the land, unknown creatures of grotesque shape began to appear.
The Archduke of the Sorcerous City of Energeia, Theofrad Hohenheim, claims that he has discovered a means of saving the world in the form of a newly developed, synthesised form of energy known as "Ether".
Seeing this, The Holy Dragon Empire Granleyd declared holy war on Energeia, citing the use of Ether as a heretical practice.
In the end, which will prevail?
The Holy, or the Demonic?
The first step towards challenging God begins here...



VenusBlood Gaia 原作(※Japanese)