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However now, the oceans have receded, and birthrates have plummeted for all races. Grotesque creatures of unknown origin roam the lands...

Ether. A new energy source discovered by the Archduke of the Sorcerous City of Energeia, Theofrad, may hold the key to saving the realm.

The Holy Dragon Empire Granleyd outlawed the use of Ether as heresy, declaring a holy war on Energeia.

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New Features in the International Version

 Thanks to a successful Kickstarter conclusion on August 2022, VenusBlood GAIA will be released with brand new features and new content!

  • 2 Brand New Characters Added!
  • The Arbitrator of Dawn: Philo

    A mysterious girl who appears at the ley lines scattered about Palastra. She laments the direction in which the world is headed and clings to a faint hope that the world can still be saved. As someone who has lived for quite a long time, she is quite wise and shows wisdom despite her youthful looks, just like the Divine Beasts.

    Undying Spirit Dragon Katya

    The other Bahamut who'd been sealed beneath the very earth a millennia ago and forgotten to time. She believes that war and conflict define her very being, and she seeks to test her prowess in a world thrown into chaos.

  • 14 New Costumes for Main Heroines and Extra Story Scenes!
  • Synthetic Divine Beast Tamamo

    Now that Theo has initiated hostilities against the 5 Miko Alliance, he begins preparations for the Synthetic Divine Beast Project. Via experimentation, he forces Tomoe to lose her personality and character, before attempting to implant the Essence of the Divine Beast Tamamo into the empty shell left behind, turning it into a convenient tool, nothing but a weapon to be deployed against his enemies.

    Bride of Twilight Vanilla

    After all the fighting was over, Theofrad and Vanilla held an official wedding ceremony in the Alhazred Mausoleum. Clad in a beautiful white wedding dress, the beautiful bride smiles lovingly at her new husband-to-be.

    Sorcerous Angel Milia

    Having given in to heresy, the Heretical Archduke has succeeded in suppressing all of his enemies...Until, all of a sudden, he was invaded by enemies from an alternate future. Led by the Sorcerous Angel Milia, these new forces invade in force, and thus the curtains rise on the final battle between two old friends.

    Pure Sinister Dragon Teria

    After having won the conflict between himself and the 5 Miko alliance, Theo picked up a Teria who was left wandering around aimlessly without her memories. He decided to condition her to his liking, turning her into a pawn of his, changing her lovely white dress into a jet-black one as she reveals a darker, more sinister form...

    Marksman Captain Milia

    After successfully solving the root cause of the world's decay, Theofrad and the rest returned to Energeia victorious. Afterwards, Milia was appointed as the captain of Energeia's sorcerous marksman squad. In the middle of a mission to protect a VIP, she walked by Theo's research room and happened to hear some...unsavory noises coming from within.

    Awakened Holy Mother Carmilla

    After defeating the 5 Miko alliance, Carmilla was captured by Theofrad. While considering what to do with her, he remembered rumours of a crazed group of zealous worshippers, and concocted a sinister plan. However, he did not account for the fact that the results of this experiment would cause her affinity to reverse, resulting in the birth of a new goddess...

    Swimsuit Pirate Queen Mary

    Mary, the pirate princess, has joined the team. However, Theofrad was not satisfied with how things ended up, and still wants to tease her in some way. Therefore, he handed her a swimsuit with tentacles embedded in them, and had her attend a meeting in that outfit...

    Twin-Blade Carnage Turia

    After the battle with Theurgia ended, Theo decided on a whim to repair Turia. Reprogramming the youngest sister of the trio and registering himself as her master, she becomes infatuated with him, even though he only sees her as a useful tool of war and body for experimentation.

    The Crimson Beauty Milia

    After the end of the Civil War in Alhazred, Milia decided to dress up for the occasion. However, it would appear that some rebel remnants infiltrated the venue, and Theofrad ended up cursed as a result. Milia managed to clear out the rebels, but after seeing Theofrad turn into a shota as a result of the curse, her heart started to race, and then...

    Mythic Elf Princess Kukul

    Now that the fighting is over, the Mikos return to their respective countries. In Kukul's hometown, a wedding ceremony with the spirits was to be held, and Theofrad was invited to bear witness to it. However, a boring ceremony with nothing interesting happening was a bit too much to bear for his...tentacles.

    Martyr Ash

    Although presumed dead, Ash was found in a near death state by Theofrad and co. after the battle. Her intense fanaticism and zealotry when it came to Bahamut interested Theofrad, and he had her captured and hauled back to Energeia in order to experiment with her, possibly changing the object of her worship to benefit Energeia.

    Hopeful Dame Vanilla

    After marrying Theofrad, Vanilla was blessed with his child, one that he promised he would find a way to have with her. However, out of consideration for her current condition, Theo hasn't been intimate with her for quite some time. As a result, Vanilla decided one night to sneak into his room, and...

    Avatar Mother Esteria

    Having initiated hostilities with the 5 Miko Alliance, he coincidentally managed to find a weakened Esteria and captured her alive, as it was the perfect opportunity to place her under his control. By making her a progenitor for the Arcane Avatars, Theofrad's new experiment has begun...

    Faceless Reaper Lulu

    On a whim, Theofrad installed a new personality onto Lulu. At first, she resisted with all her might, but eventually after repeated Avatar spawning sessions, she pledges her complete loyalty to her new master.

  • 42 New Ero Scenes Added!
  • Over 60 New Units Added!
  • Additional Story Text Qquivalent to 25% of the Original Game's Size!
  • 2 New Maps!
  • Complete Game Rebalance!
  • 6 New Tracks Added to the Soundtrack!
  • English Versions of the OP, ED and Image Song Added!
  • The 3rd Large Scale International Localisation Project following the FRONTIER and HOLLOW projects!

    We have plenty of goods prepared as thanks for all the love and support from within Japan and from all over the world for our Kickstarter project, and it is currently planned for Summer 2022!

    Kickstarter Page

    Repel the invaders from above as they come charging into the Labyrinth with your demonic forces!

    Gain formidable allies known as the Arcane Avatars through the Revolutionary new 'Arcane Avatar theory'!

    Gaining new allies, putting them into structured divisions, building new rooms in the labyrinth, fighting off invaders, outfitting your troops and raising them appropriately...

    This new international version breathes life into the Demon Spawning Turn Based Dungeon Defense Strategy RPG VenusBlood GAIA once again!


    Good day, VenusBlood fans! I am very pleased that we have the opportunity to meet once again!
    Thank to all of your love and support, we managed to release VenusBlood HOLLOW International with many improvements, extra features and content! To think that it's already been more than half a year since it came out... Time sure passes quickly.
    Now then, this time, the project we have decided on is for GAIA's international version! Gaia was immensely popular when the VB series was first picking up in popularity. We have prepared a variety of goodies and other rewards, and we hope that we can count on all of your support once again!

    In regards to the Kickstarter, it is currently planned for a July 2022 launch. (*)
    We're hoping to make this project just as exciting, if not more than FRONTIER and HOLLOW's Kickstarters!

    Title VenusBlood GAIA International
    Genre Demon Spawning Tentacle Turn-Based Dungeon Defense Strategy RPG
    Release Date July 28 2023
    Compatible OS Windows 8.1 / 10 / 11(DirectX 9.0c and above, Mouse required)
    Required HDD Free Space 5.4GB or more
    CPU Core i3 and above (Core i5 and above)
    Memory 2048(4096)MB and above
    V-RAM 256(512)MB and above
    Resolution Resolution of 960 x 720 or more, Full Colour
    Developer © dualtail
    Will be made available upon release Digitally, with an exclusive Physical edition available for Kickstarter Backers only!
    Available upon release from JAST USA / STEAM
    (A free patch to restore all cut content will be available for download separately for the All-Ages Version)