Scene Code Title Route & Type
V1 Lovey-Dovey Babymaking with Vanilla Love
Details After her marriage with Theo, despite his assurances that the Arcane Avatar Project will provide a method for her to bear his biological child, she is still somewhat worried that it simply isn't possible. In order to assuage her fears, Theo continues to refine the AA theory, meaning he has less time to spend with Vanilla, adding to her anxiety. Eventually, he makes a breakthrough and, feeling a bit bad after seeing Vanilla wracked with anxiety and worry from not seeing him for awhile, finally makes good on his promise to get her pregnant. Cue lovey-dovey babymaking loving!
Appeal 1) Vanilla for Vanilla, lovey-dovey feeling = MAX!
2) A perfect continuation of her ending (+ that new backer scene)!
3) The perfect starting line of their happy life together!
Scene Code Title Route & Type
V2 Vanilla's Blissful Pregnancy Love
Details Some time passes after her marriage with Theo, and as per his word, he managed to find a way to get her pregnant with his biological child. A few months into her pregnancy, her stomach has bulged as new life is housed within. Worrying for her body, Theo has been cutting back on making love to her, and although she is happy for his consideration, misses his loving touch. Despite being pregnant, she feels that as a maid and as a wife, she wants to feel the love of her master/husband, and tells him such. Cue some gentle, loving sex while she is pregnant, filled to the brim with that lovely lovey-dovey vanilla feeling!
Appeal 1) Perfect continuation of her ending (+ that new backer scene)!
2) Theo promised he could get her pregnant despite her condition, so why not show it happen!
3) A small peek at their happy life together after they get married! Vanilla deserves to be happy!
Scene Code Title Route & Type
V3 The maid's teasing Love
Details a scene where she teases theo about something that will want him put down what he's doing to spend time with vanilla.
Appeal A play where she teases her master theo
Scene Code Title Route & Type
V4 Vanilla For Vanilla Love
Details Vanilla carries out her maid duties while wearing nothing but an apron. While handling some vanilla ice cream, she spills some on herself. Theo sees this and lovingly helps "clean" her up.
Appeal a) Naked apron
b) Literal vanilla for Vanilla
c) A loving scene
Scene Code Title Route & Type
V5 Loli Vanilla's Predicament Love
Details Having been unwittingly exposed to one of Theo's strange experiments, Vanilla finds herself in a...smaller version of her own body. Interested in this phenomenon, Theo made sure to 'research' this thoroughly, involving a lot of 'hands-on' experience.
Appeal 1) Intl release = lolification scene, yes?
2) Not an oppai loli
3) Lots of dirty talk
Scene Code Title Route & Type
V6 The Feeling of Being Alive Love
Details Having successfully 'seduced' Vanilla, as Theo himself put it, he has poured a lot of time into his research of Vanilla's existence as an Agathion, and is moving to experiment with transferring her soul into an Ethernoid, resulting in a psuedo-resurrection. However, as he only planned to lightly experiment, the amount of energy used was only enough to bring out a younger version of her previous self. Vanilla is rather happy to experience 'life' once more (Her younger form has white sclera and is wearing a white one-piece dress). However, as she is not used to being 'alive' and the emotions associated, she can't help but yearn for Theo, pushing him down onto the nearby bed.
Appeal 1) Vanilla's form, but alive and younger than her current look (read:loli)
2)She doesn't believe she is capable of pushing Theo down for sex, but it looks like she can't control herself this time
3)Having received a body of flesh and blood once more, her sex drive has certainly increased tenfold.
Scene Code Title Route & Type
V7 Coin-Pusher Machine: Vanilla Chaos
Details Clad in a bunny suit, Vanilla is trapped inside a transparent box, bound and surrounded by eggs. Passersby are taught how to operate the machine, and one such passerby decides to use the machine, controlling it so that Vanilla births eggs, and he receives the egg as a prize, taking it home happily. Afterwards, it seems a few customers have complained that the machine is a scam, and getting the eggs to drop is really difficult.
Appeal 1)Bunny Girl Vanilla
2)Unable to fathom hre current situation, she has a calm and composed expression as passersby are taught how to ravage her with the machine.
3)Gacha, Crane Game, well no, it's like a coin...Egg pusher game you find in arcades.
Scene Code Title Route & Type
V8 In Your Eyes Love
Details Through some hidden, lost art, Vanilla is restored to her former human, flesh-and-blood self, where Theo makes sweet love to her in this form.
Appeal 1) Vanilla's beautiful irises from when she was a human
2) Lovey-Dovey Vanilla goodness!
3) Returning Vanilla to human form
Scene Code Title Route & Type
V9 Alhazred's Queen Training an NPC
Details After Carmilla was turned into a semen milking machine and kind of went semi-insane, Alhazred was managed by Theo's new subservient servant, Vanilla. Wanting to please her new master, Alhazred's new national policy was extremely harsh compared to previous changes. Removing all the benefits Nobles had, and giving anything and everything to Energeia's properity. One day, a young noble shota falls prey to this new policy...
Appeal 1) SM Queen style bondage gear
2) Sadistic Vanilla's footjob on a downtrodden Shota (no insertion)
3) Sometimes, trianing a shota is fine too
Scene Code Title Route & Type
V10 Not as Master and Servant, but as Husband and Wife Love
Details After Vanilla's law end, Theo and Vanilla share their first night together as husband and wife after the wedding, filled to the brim with Sweet Vanilla Loving.
Appeal 1) A white wedding dress compared to her usual dark maid dress, and lots of lovey-dovey sex!
2) Not Master and Servant, but interaction as husband and wife!
3) it's VB so I guess there are tentacles as well
Scene Code Title Route & Type
V11 The Cow Cries Lustfully Chaos
Details Being treated as a cow on a farm with milking machines and being raped by common folk. There is a pipe going into her anus pumping in aphrodisiac while her breasts secrete milk into the suction machine. Everytime she climaxes more is pumped in and squeezed out, and she eventually gets mindbroken.
Appeal 1) The pathetic end to a chaste and serene maid
Scene Code Title Route & Type
V12 White See-Through School Swimsuit Cowgirl Service Love
Details One day, Vanilla was invited to a fully reserved, mixed bathing hot spring by Theo, on the condition that she be allowed to wear a swimsuit. However, this was a trap by Theo, and what he gave her was a normal looking white school swimsuit. However, as it comes into contact with water, it sticks to her skin and becomes transparent. Vanilla becomes flustered and triesto leave, but Theo convinces her to stay and service him in a cowgirl position. Although a little miffed at his deception, she still proceeds to service him with all her heart.
Appeal 1) White swimsuit that sticks to her skin and is transparent
2) Transparent white swimsuit, Vanilla trying her best in a cowgirl position as those breasts sway up and down
3) Shaking her hips for Theo's sake
Scene Code Title Route & Type
V13 Evil Magistrate Chaos
Details As his training of her progresses, Vanilla finds it harder and harder to refue his advances. One day, he invites her to a festival. She dresses as a typical village girl would and enjoys the festival with him ,but of course it was not a normal piece of clothing...He brings her to a secluded alleyway to sexully harass her.
Appeal 1) Vanilla dressed like a typical village girl
2) Theo + Vanilla = Sexual Harassment
3) It's fine, isn't it?! (Said while spinning her around by the belt)
Scene Code Title Route & Type
V14 Maid on a Walk Chaos
Details Unable to bear with seeing her master Carmilla undergo such humiliation, Theo says she can take her place and plants a penis onto her. She walks outside in a public area in a revealing sexy dress. She tries to go invisible to avoid scrutinizing looks, but she becomes unable to resist the feeling of pleasure from tentacles, and when she reaches her limit, a young girl just so happened to cross her vision right as her lust was about to explode.
Appeal 1) Futanari Vanilla
2) Lesbian Rape
3) Sexy, revealing Dress


Scene Code Title Route & Type
Invalid Choice The Rebellion of Luluos Chaos
Details Having defeated his lifelong rival Belios, Theo claimed Lulu as the spoils of war. However, he was actually not yet dead, in a sense. He left information in a hidden chip ingrained in Lulu's head that contained a lot of his experimental data, and it merged with her soul, almost taking over her body so that Belios is the dominant personality. And so, Luluos. He makes use of the elixir armor fragments to craft lulu a new outfit/armored suit and used it to rebel. After a harsh battle, Theo still won in the end. Theo then thought to himself that he can still utterly dominate Lulu(os) by making her submit to the pleasure of a female.
Appeal 1) TSF
2) Falling to the pleasure of a female body
3) Bikini Armor
Scene Code Title Route & Type
LU2 The emotion known as love Love
Details she wanders off wanting to know about the emotion of love and wants to experience it
Appeal a scene where she shows interest in the emotion of love
Scene Code Title Route & Type
LU3 Lulu Asserts Dominance Femdom
Details Theo has Lulu test an alternative power source. This requires a new outfit, which happens to look like dominatrix gear. While testing the power source, it overloads Lulu. This results in an electrical discharge that paralyzes Theo. Lulu's circuits are also scrambled from this and she aggressively dominates Theo.
Appeal a) Femdom play
b) Dominatrix outfit
c) Lulu asserts dominance
Scene Code Title Route & Type
LU4 Use me! Love
Details Having erased her memories and turning Lulu into his subservient Android, he one day ordered her to perform paizuri (boobjob) on him. She tries her best to please her master, but she isn't very good at it, and her breasts are apparently too small to do it properly. She is then injected with breast enlargement serum after she exclaims that she will do her best for Theo, and she can now perform well with bigger breasts. While she is servicing him, Theo roughly grabs her breasts and thrusts into it. Lulu is just happy that her master is happy, and she herself is ecstatic that he is enjoying himself.
Appeal 1) From a washboard to an Oppai loli
2) She is happy to just service her master to the best of her ability
Scene Code Title Route & Type
LU5 The Embryo Sleipnir Cup Chaos
Details A new fad has overtaken Energeia. It was a kind of horse race, except the horses are the Arcane Avatars. However, one of them that was made recently is an electrical tentacle monster. Lulu wins the race while being double penetrated the entire time. Just when she thought it was over once she won, she had to make one more lap as a victory lap to be introduced as the winner to the crowd, and has to endure more of this pleasurable torture.
Appeal 1) She looks cool riding a horse
2) But she is being stimulated in both holes with electrical tentacle
3) Just when she thinks it is over and her dignity is kept intact, she has to go one more lap
Scene Code Title Route & Type
LU6 Lulu's personal Weapon: The S4919 Love
Details Lulu decided to make a piece of equipment to assist her in battle. By equipping said piece of equipment, her performance in battle is vastly improved...At the cost of having to supply it with her own vaginal fluids to operate it. (Said piece of equipment was actually just a tentacle)
Appeal 1) Cool Lulu
2) But that equipment is Tentacles
3) She gives in to the pleasure, amazing facial expression to be sure
Scene Code Title Route & Type
LU7 Lulu is the Queen Reverse rape
Details Theo try to reprogram Lulu as an obedient servant and make her forget her old master, however something goes wrong on the obedience part and she now thinks Theo should serve her instead. She ends up assaulting him in his sleep and try to make Theo submit to her while wearing dom clothes. Theo is cornered and its only because of the tentacles he has set up that he can eventually reverse the situation, She end up fucked silly and passes out witch allow Theo to fix her how she was before the scene.
Appeal - Rare occasion for a femdom scene using Dom clothes on lulu, it should look great
- Reversal with tentacles so the hero always wins in the end
Scene Code Title Route & Type
LU8 Lulu and the dangerous swimsuit Chaos
Details Knowing nothing about swimsuits, the innocent Lulu is tricked into wearing a rather provocative swimsuit. It's a swimsuit + parka look.
Appeal 1) Lulu getting embarassed
2) Humuliation play with tentacles
Scene Code Title Route & Type
LU9 Feelings Trampled On and A New Oath Chaos
Details Lulu, brainwashed by Theofrad, now wears a collar as proof of becoming his slave maid as she serves him day in day out. One day, when Theo was bringing her to visit one of Belios' old labs, she finds something of his that causes Lulu to spazz out for a brief second. When Theo calls out to her, she remembers her duty, and praises Theo while badmouthing Belios as she is ravaged by him in that very lab. Theo then orders her to destroy Belios' research, to which she happily obliges.
Appeal 1) Frilly Dress with a collar
2) Lulu has fallen in heart and soul, and serves Theo with all her being
3) Completely stealing Lulu from Belios
Scene Code Title Route & Type
LU10 Brainwashed Goth Loli Cowgirl Service Love(?)
Details Having been brainwashed by Theo, Lulu has been installed with a personality program where she acts like his maid and servant, and is made to wear a goth loli outfit as she rides Theo and services him.
Appeal 1) Lulu being thankful to Theo while servicing him
Scene Code Title Route & Type
LU11 Bride Lulu, Drenched in Despair Chaos
Details Having thought of a brilliant little scheme, Theo reinstalls Lulu's original personality, with the caveat of changing her visual and auditory senses to see him as Belios. He dresses her in a wedding dress, and they make sweet love...Until Theo activates the pre-installed virus to undo the changes he made to her senses to bring her ultimate despair.
Appeal You can see Lulu being happy...
Scene Code Title Route & Type
LU12 Good Morning Fellatio by a Service Doll Chaos
Details Having had her memories and some emotional data reprogrammed, Theo made sure to implant aritficial memories that painted him in a good light. She now recognises him as her absolute master, and she now takes care of him while wearing a goth loli outfit. One morning, he woke up to a strange presence in his bed, and finds Lulu servicing him in the morning. As a reward for her proactiveness, he uses tentacles to drill her in both holes as she services him with all her soul. During her service, she praises and sings her love for him while also badmouthing her old master,
Appeal 1) Goth loli maid outfit Lulu
2) Waking up to a cute android girl looking up towards you as she services you
3) Brainwashing makes her forget her old master, Netori in a sense.
Scene Code Title Route & Type
LU13 Bound Doll Chaos
Details Sealed/Bondage, Lulu with a Blindfold and gag (Maybe a bodysuit)and chains/Belt to bind and seal her powers and freedom. Theo decides to seal her power and memories and overwrite them the best way he knows how. Through Sex. The Bindings seal her emotions and memories to a degree, allowing them to be overwritten and her power to be released by Theo on the battlefield.
Appeal 1) Corruption!
2) Bondage!
Scene Code Title Route & Type
LU14 Lulu's secret Chaos
Details After being experimented on a lot by Theo's tentacles, Lulu began to have a weird feelings… Her body starts getting hot and she doesn't know how to manage this new feeling, and it starts to bother her during fights… She thought to ask for help from Theo, but he will surely just enjoy the situation while laughing… Wondering about that, she noticed that she was in front of the nursery...
Appeal Dialogue → But why did she stop in front of the nursery? And what could she be planning...?
Results → Lulu having fun with the tentacles in the room to relieve herself from her weird feelings…Not knowing that It was all a plan from Theo to make fun of her….
Scene Code Title Route & Type
LU15 Egg Production Factory Chaos
Details Theo was feeling bored one day so he reinstalled Lulu's old personality. He made it so that she once more hated the idea of birthing eggs, but after repeated sessions, she gives in to the pleasure once more, becoming nothing but a sow who can only beg for more eggs to lay.
Appeal 1) Fall into depravity
2) Continuous Egg Birthing


Scene Code Title Route & Type
LC1 I'll sell my body... Chaos
Details Bound by chains, she has the words '1 Bronze Coin 1 Shot' burned into her stomach as she has empty eyes while being gang raped by Energeian civilians.
Scene Code Title Route & Type
LC2 Come Again! Love (?)
Details Lucretia loves gold. So why not have her make love with some gold tentacles? Upon seeing a Tentaclord, the gold tentacles unit, she hatches a plan to get pregnant by it in the hopes of laying gold eggs. She does everything she can to repeatedly extract seed from the tentacles, including using her wings.
Appeal a) Lucretia makes love with gold… tentacles
b) The closest she might get to making love with gold
c) She makes the tentacles come repeatedly
Scene Code Title Route & Type
LC3 Bunny Lucretia's Service Love
Details After the law ending, Lucretia started a Casino as a part of her new lucrative scheme, and in order to get new customers, she tries to get Theo to help by appealing to him in a bunny outfit.
Appeal 1) Lucretia in a bunny suit
2) Lots of Dirty Talk
Scene Code Title Route & Type
LC4 Spending Time Together Love
Details After all the fighting was over, Theo took Lucretia as his wife, but they never really had time to spend together as they were both busy with their work. And everytime they do find time to spend together...There's always that 1 pest that appears to steal that time together. One day, Theo and Lucretia devised a plan to avoid said pest and managed to spend time together...a really sweaty, pleasurable day together. At the end, covered in all manner of bodily fluids and wrapping their tongues and bodies together, Lucretia doesn't let Theo pull out, deciding that today was the day she wanted to get pregnant with his child.
Appeal 1) Her normal end has a certain pest (Mary) participating, so...Let's give her a proper loving end.
2) Time together uninterrupted by others, just straight loving to the point of her losing her sense of self.
Scene Code Title Route & Type
LC5 Let us let everyone hear your voice Chaos
Details Lucretia is bound by a lot of chains, restraining tools, and some vibrators and such tools. And nearby, there is a big harp. Everytime someone plays it, the vibrators activate. She eventually climaxes, unable to resist the vibrators. There is a system where the person who makes her climax the most with the harp wins, and they win a newly birthed egg from her.
Appeal 1) A game mixed with competition of playing a harp
2) She tries to resist but is unable to, and is all embarassed about it
Scene Code Title Route & Type
LC6 Brainwash Mind Alteration Chaos
Details She is unable to comprehend what she is doing because of brainwashing mind alteration.
Appeal 1) Mind Alteration
Scene Code Title Route & Type
LC7 A Cruel End for the Flightless Bird Chaos
Details After the 5 Miko Alliance lost to Theo, her wings are left in tatters as she is hung up high and rape by tentacles. In the end, she births some eggs from up high.
Appeal 1) She is fearful as she is raped on high
Scene Code Title Route & Type
LC8 O-face Photography Show Chaos
Details Having failed at business and having built up a huge debt, asks Theo for advice. He suggests a concert with her harp, but that was just for Theo to set up an amusing trap. The concert turned out to be a public tentacle rape show. At first, the tentacles just bothered her while she was playing, but it went full on tentacle rape show as she climaxes over and over and the viewers all started taking pictures and videos, selling it on the black market. She seemed to feel a lot of pleasure and excitement from the whole thing.
Appeal 1) A show in front of many viewers
2) Lots of pics and vids taken and she awakens to a new fetish
3) Finally, she does a patented Ahegao double peace sign, as per Theo's request
Scene Code Title Route & Type
LC9 Tsubasa Market Love
Details Time for a Break!(DATE), Lucretia takes Theo out to the markets for a change in pace. While outside they end up in a more secluded area between stalls/wagons and Lucretia tempts Theo which results in a somewhat lovey outdoors sex. Lucretia gets taken from behind using a barrel or cart to support herself while Theo enjoys her body and also fondles her wings as he fucks her.
Appeal a) Lighthearted b) Wing Play c) Story continuity
Scene Code Title Route & Type
LC10 Feed for the Chicks Love(?)
Details One day, Lucretia's Arcane Avatars said they wanted her. She thinks they mean they want milk, and tries to breastfeed them, but it turns out what they wanted was a bit more extreme. She then goes with the flow and teaches them all about a woman's body.
Appeal 1) A mother and her children


Scene Code Title Route & Type
E1 The prideful empress no longer Chaos
Details a scene where theo make an illusion of citizens watching Eseria do something which results in esteria pride being destroyed.
Appeal a play where theo destroy Esteria pride as an empress.
Scene Code Title Route & Type
E2 Venus Bahamut: Lagoon Chaos
Details Theo wants to breed more dragons for his army. Esteria is a good choice for this as she has a dragon form. She is given an experimental potion that makes her willing to breed. As a side effect, some of her dragon parts appears on her while she is in her human form. A dragon about twice her size is chosen to breed with her.
The dragon goes for paizuri, then anal, and ends with impregnation. Esteria then lays eggs. This results in her being corrupted and always wanting to breed.
Appeal a) Esteria gets a human-dragon hybrid form.
b) She is corrupted into a dragon breeding machine.
c) This scene contains paizuri, anal, impregnation and egg laying.
Scene Code Title Route & Type
E3 Loss to Esteria Bad End Reverse Rape
Details Having lost to Esteria, Theo gets reverse raped. Having some strength left from the fight, she still exhibits part of her dragon form during fornication.
Appeal 1) Squeexed by Esteria who is still on a high after battle
2) Wings, Tail, Claws...She's still part dragon in this form
3) Lots of Dirty Words
Scene Code Title Route & Type
E4 The Oath of the Divine Dragon Love
Details Before the penultimate battle, Theo tried strengthening Teria with the power of the Arcana, allowing her to take the form of Esteria once more, albeit for a limited time. Although her memories of her time as Teria remain, her personality reverts to her original Esteria version. However, she now feels liberated and has a calmer personality, apologising to Theo for their past conflict, and pledges to stand by his side to save the world. As proof of her will to cooperate with him, she offers him her body.
Appeal 1) Loving an Esteria whose personality has rounded out
Scene Code Title Route & Type
E5 Thank you for using the Esteria Carriage Service Chaos
Details Theo, now the ruler of the world, thought up a plan to bend huamnity to his will. As part of a supply chain plan to move goods from Granleyd, he had Esteria pull carriages with the new Dragon Carriage Service. Granleyd citizens treated her well enough as the labour behind the service, but she was treated horribly by other countries' citizens due to what happened in the past. Theo was satisfied as this eventually resulted in the countries once again feeling tension against each other.
Appeal 1) Belts all over Esteria
2) Treated as a Horse Carriage by the humans she once ruled over
3) The citizens taking out their past frustrations on her now miserable form
Scene Code Title Route & Type
E6 Divine Dragon Climax Game Chaos
Details There are targets on her body, and every shot you land on them, she climaxes.
Appeal 1) Different type of Climax depending on the target hit
2) Enjoy different ways she climaxes
3) Hentai
Scene Code Title Route & Type
E7 Forbidden After Class Lesson with Teacher Esteria Love
Details Theo seeks knowledge that only Esteria would know about the Empire. She does her best to reply him. Yes, wearing a tight skirt with stockings, wearing a suit in a female teacher style. After the lesson, Theo just pushes her down and fucks her.
Appeal 1) A non-loli, female teacher style of outfit
2) Esteria is also quite onboard with the situation
3) An Adult style that doesn't fit a smaller body
Scene Code Title Route & Type
E8 Teaching the Empress her place through Sex Chaos
Details Turned into a half-dragon form due to experimention, she went berserk and was taught a lesson by Theo. So in this form, scales and claws appear, horns and a tail...Stuff like that. Her normal outfit is also ripped apart from her transformation.
Appeal Teaching Esteria a lesson
Scene Code Title Route & Type
E9 Arcana Empress Esteria Love
Details Magical Girl Teria somehow turned back into Esteria? And from there, in that outfit, she sleeps with Theo.
Appeal 1) An embarassed Esteria wearing Mahou Shoujo costume
2) Esteria being made fun of for wearing an outfit she uses when in Teria form
Scene Code Title Route & Type
E10 Dragon Fall Chaos
Details With his control over her waning Theo sees this as the perfect opportunity to harvest esprit from Esteria and bring the divine beast under his complete and unyielding control. Through repeated spawning and extraction a new divine dragon is born to serve Theofrad and destroy all his enemies.
Appeal 1.Puttting the divine dragon in her place
2. Full of spawning action
3. More dragon empress
Scene Code Title Route & Type
E11 Female Dog Empress in Heat Chaos
Details Once respected all across the land, Esteria is now reduced to wearing sexy lingerie that exposes her privates for Theo. With a collar and anal plugs, she is forced to wear accesories making her look like a dog, and masturbates with tentacles. One day, in public, she is forced to explain how she was trained by Theo into becoming so obedient. While being showered by insults of the citizens she once ruled over, it just made her more excited...
Appeal 1) Sexy Lingerie with a collar and tail plug
2) Explaining herself how she was trained by Heo
3) A prideful empress reduced to a masturbating sow
Scene Code Title Route & Type
E12 My Magical Idol Empress can't be this Cute!? Love (?)
Details Esteria finds something interesting and decides to tease Theo, Putting on a slightly smaller Idol/Magical Girl Costume and giving him a private performance before he decides to take charge of her Encore performance himself, Forcefully so. Puts up a fake resistance to keep things interesting and fun between adults.
Appeal a) Magical Girl/Idol Outfit that showcases her curves by being just 1 size too small
Potential Mommy figure getting dominated as she acts cuter than her age.
Scene Code Title Route & Type
E13 For the Citizens Chaos
Details Esteria was released from her bindings, but with a catch. Theo changed her perception of reality where the best thing she can do for her citizens is to become a onahole toilet for the male soldiers. Therefore, as thanks for their efforts in the field, she willingly spreads her legs for the soldiers. Seeing the once respected Esteria act like that, the soldiers are angry and rape her with that feeling in their heart
Appeal 1) Mind alteration to change perception fo reality
2) She loses any and all power, pride, and anything that once made up the Empress of Granleyd


Scene Code Title Route & Type
O1 Distort Orte Leave it to 9tail
Details Theo punishes Orte by screwing her with a lot of tentacles. This results in the tentacles' shapes being seen from outside her body. She is initially resentful towards Theo and glares at him but eventually gives in to the pleasure.
Appeal a) Lots of tentacles
b) Body distortion
c) Orte goes from glaring to pleasured
Scene Code Title Route & Type
O2 Losing to Orte Bad End Reverse Rape
Details Having lost the final battle against a possesed Orte, Theo is reverse-raped on the spot by a lustful animal in heat right after the excitement of battle.
Appeal 1) Orte on a high after a tough battle and squeezing everything out of him
2) A lot of dirty talk
Scene Code Title Route & Type
O3 Yearning for the Moon Chaos
Details Having sold her soul to Beelzebub, she now is tasked with repopulation, and is raped by Beelzebub's minions. A pregnant Orte then gazes up at the moon as she thinks about the child in her belly, and about the future.
Appeal 1) A soulless fetus
2) Yearning for the moon
Scene Code Title Route & Type
O4 The Undying Lord's Blessing Chaos
Details Having received the favour of Beelzebub, she is raped by tentacles.
Appeal 1) Although somewhat confused at first, she has received the favor of Beelzebub
Scene Code Title Route & Type
O5 One Shot is 10G Chaos
Details Mind altered Garode. She now acts like a dog in heat, always trying to gain favour and attention, and tonight, she wears a sign saying only 10G for sex...
Appeal An obedient girl who wants sex
Scene Code Title Route & Type
O6 The prideful Wolfgirl humiliated with a naked dogeza Chaos
Details Having lost to Theo, she somehow survived and tried to attack Energeia once more, and lost. He then tells her if she wants him to spare her subordinates, beg for their lives, naked, in a dogeza position. She does so in order to save them, and is raped by tentacles and pumped with aphrodisiac while doing so. She tries to resist and not react but it doesn't work as she climaxes in front of her subordinates, who then abandon her due to losing faith in her.
Appeal 1) A prideful Orte dogeza while naked
2) Humiliated in front of her subordinates
3) Abandoned by those subordinates she tried to save
Scene Code Title Route & Type
O7 Forced? Recruitment! Reverse Rape
Details Between the first and last encounter Orte wants to recruit Theo at all costs! Theo finds himself in a situation that he doesn't feel the need to fight against and allows Orte to attempt her recruitment. Orte takes the initiative and pushes Theo down to take a dominative stance through the Cowgirl position. An Earnest scene mixed between her desire for Theo to join the cause and simply not have to fight against him again.
Appeal 1) Assertive Wolf girl!
2) Realistic continuity with story
3) Orte deserves a break from suffering
Scene Code Title Route & Type
O8 Ether Wolf Love
Details After being heavily injured after their final battle, Theo figures he could save her by filling her with his ether, turning her into an ether-dependant life-form like himself. He does so, and she joins his harem afterwards. Also, that fluffy tail deserves some love!
Appeal 1. Pet the fluffy tail
2. Sweet loving to the leader
Scene Code Title Route & Type
O9 The Tentacles' Banquet Chaos
Details Orte was invited to a banquet as a sign of reconciliation...But apparently the banquet was to be herself. She is swallowed by tentacles and she is ready for death, but she is instead covered in aphrodisiac, and her whole body becomes super sensitive, and climaxes over and over.
Appeal 1) Vore...? Swallowed Whole
2) The whole 'just kill me' vibe


Scene Code Title Route & Type
H1 Mary's Best Friend Love
Details As Mary's best friend, Henrietta harbors feelings of love for her. One day, she sneaks into Mary's room. She then fantasizes about being together with Mary while masturbating on her bed.
Appeal a) A look into Henrietta's feelings towards Mary
b) Masturbation scene
Scene Code Title Route & Type
H2 Henrietta's Pleasure Training Chaos
Details In the Chaos Route, after the ending, Theo just decided to make clones for all the Mikos, and also Henrietta, just because he can. He then captures them, and forces Clone Mary to watch Clone Henrietta get trained by Theo and pledges her loyalty to him.
Appeal 1) Chaos route, where he shows off training Henrietta as a show to let the mikos know what will happen to them
2) Lots of dirty talk
Scene Code Title Route & Type
H3 Defiled Dreams Chaos
Details Having been revived, Henrietta wakes up in a cage on some stage. She is surrounded by Arcane Avatars and although she tries to fight them, she is told they are the children of Mary and Lucretia, rendering her unable to do anything but get raped by her friends' children.
Appeal 1) Raped on stage
2) Realising she was unable to protect the seas where she was born
3) Despair and the pleasure derived from it
Scene Code Title Route & Type
H4 Your Body as Repayment Chaos
Details She requests help from the Empire, and the payment is her body.
Scene Code Title Route & Type
H5 Moby Dicked Chaos
Details After Mary is defeated and captured Theo wanting to make an example of her gives Henrietta to a Drakkar for punishment for daring to fight against him.
Appeal 1. Viking girl having every hole violated by a deep see monster
2. Deep sea tentacle fun
3. Sea food for the eyes
Scene Code Title Route & Type
H6 Marionette Doll Chaos
Details With his heretical powers, Theo revives Henrietta. Why? Just to make her his love doll. Once more, today's banquet of lust begins.
Appeal A love doll surrounded by other dicks
Scene Code Title Route & Type
H7 A gift for the Cloned Henrietta Love(?)
Details Theo made a clone of Henrietta to serve his own purposes. As a test, he makes her fight Mary, and Henrietta actually wins. He then grants her a gift in the form of any type of play she wants. He agrees to her request, and she is fucked from behind while her hair is pulled roughly.
Appeal 1) Henrietta begging for love from Theo
2) A rough, rapey type of play, yet she enjoys and feels great pleasure from it
3) Pledging her love and loyalty while being done Doggy style
Scene Code Title Route & Type
H8 We Will Build it! Chaos
Details After dealing with everything, Theo uses Either technology to bring back Henrietta. Unfortunately it wasn't fully successful. But a doll that resembles Henrietta and has her skills was made. Naturally a Doll requires training and there is a tried and trusted method to do so. Tentacles and sex
Appeal 1 Corruption
2 Tentacles
Scene Code Title Route & Type
H9 Friendship & Love Chaos
Details After a meeting, Henrietta is the first to get up and leave the room. However, her destination is not her own room, but into a tentacle infested room. She is captured by tentacles and although she tries to escape, she is threatened with the same happening to Mary unless she complies. She endures it all to save her friend, but is unable to endure the pleasure and climaxes.
Appeal 1) Bound by tentacles
2) She is frustrated and Regretful about the situation