A Message from Ninetail

VBHI's Official Release Date is now the 26th of November 2021!
Having achieved every stretch goal thanks to all of your fervent support, one of the most critically acclaimed VenusBlood games has been reborn with brand new scenes and content!
Do look forward to the full release!

"Your soul, your pride...Dedicate it all to me...!"

Back in ancient times, the Holy Land of Helvetia flourished as the throne of the goddess Elnath. However, the land is now ruled by the demons who had conspired against and successfully defeated the goddess.

The 4 queens who rule over their respective domains have long maintained a pact of non-intervention. However, one day, after receiving reports that the Dark Empress Karvia was engaging in suspicious activity, the other 3 queens simultaneously declared war on her.

Despite being surrounded on all sides by enemies, the Demon Empress Karvia was confident that she would prevail. After all, she had under her command a secret task force unit, one that served her well during the battle for Helvetia against the goddess, and is also the unit that she considers to have been the deciding factor in the war...The 'Black Arme Vapula'.

The unit shrouded in darkness and stricken from history, led by the war hero and our protagonist, Leonhardt...Setting foot onto the stage known as the battlefield once again, the flames of ambition burn brightly within him.

New Features in VBH International

Thanks to the love and support of our fans during the VenusBlood HOLLOW Kickstarter Project, we have managed to raise approximately $345,000!

As such, we have managed to break multiple stretch goals, and we would like to share the new features that set VBH International apart from the original version!

New Character and Costumes!

2 New Characters + Extra Scenes!
The Rainbow Goddess of War: Iris

A true goddess hailing from a parallel universe's Helvetia who seeks to destroy all who have within them the potential to become a Demon God.

The Seer of the Stars: Alioth

A free and unrestrained travelling fortune teller who leads a band of historical heroes. Appearing before Leonhardt who was leading the Vanguard of the Empire's forces, she offers to aid him in his efforts.

New Heroine Costumes + Extra Scenes!

Eternal Promise: Anora

After a long period of war, the land of Helvetia was finally at peace. One night, just when Leon was relaxing in his room, Anora appeared before him in a new outfit, one different to her usual black dress. She was dressed in a beautiful dark-coloured wedding dress, her beauty truly befitting of her title as the 'Black Maiden'.

The Pure White Maiden: Anora

After the war on Helvetia concluded, peace has once again returned. Having travelled the new peaceful continent for some time, Leon eventually decides to settle down with Anora.

Fairy Dragon Princess: Liese

The war on Helvetia continues...One day, the young princess of Archlond, Liese, found that her body had undergone a bit of an unusual change. Liese's body...Had shrunk in size. Although this would normally cause one panic, the reduced weight from the smaller body size allowed Liese's underdeveloped wings to function as originally intended, allowing her to soar high into the sky!

The Dragon Kitty : Liese

Leon, upon seeing Liese openly defy him, decided that he needed to teach her a lesson, that he needed to let her know her place, that a certain form of...'Punishment' was required. For that, he had a special outfit tailor made for the occasion.

Awakened Cheerful Gal : Sylvia

Despite being Demon royalty, Sylvia is only half-demon, and was treated as an outcast by the Demon nobility. She was never allowed to attend the prestigious 'Empire Academy', an educational facility that young demon noblemen and noblewomen would attend. Sylvia, who fought hard alongside Leonhardt, was one day handed an unknown, mysterious ring...

Butterfly Princess of the Night: Sylvia

One day, a messenger from the empire came, informing Leonhardt that an elaborate dinner party is to be held for an honoured guest. Sylvia changed into a more fitting outfit to attend the party and entertain the VIP. Upon her entrance, the eyes of every man there were immediately drawn to her...

Beachside Dragon Lord Bride: Julia

The war that engulfed Helvetia has ended. One day, while she was busy with the internal administration of Archlond, she remembers that she had never gone on a honeymoon with her beloved Leonhardt, and hastily and giddily began to make plans for their perfect honeymoon.

Fallen Angel of Lament: Luseli

The pure Angel Luseli, once a symbol of hope and a saviour of Humanity on the surface world...Having been subjected to the abuse of Demonkind, has thus fallen from grace.

The Mini Mad-Scientist : Eleanore

Eleanore discovered a potent medicine that reverses the aging process and she began testing the solution on lab animals. One day, an accident happened that opened the animal's cage. During the subsequent fallout, Elea was bitten by the animal. As a result, she regressed in age and shrunk in height.

The Innocent Onmyouji: Ayame

Ayame received reports of a weird phenomenon. Something has been taking the lives of the citizens, easily defeating the guardsmen. Ayame succeeded in sealing the malicious spirit away, but at the cost of a lot of her spiritual energy. As a result, her body shrunk down in size.

Subservient Doll : Tsubaki

Forsaken by her former master, Leonhardt...Tsubaki was given to a perverted man who took her home before proceeding to indoctrinate her and have her become subservient to her new master.

New Scenes with Backer Created Units!

Black Ice Sorceress: Naryu
Magician of the Azure Sky: Tiana
Protective Fist of Fire: Suzu
Angel Maid of Ice: Shushu
Dragon of Ice & Fire: Antinomi
Kemomimi Priest: Vestalis
Half-Elf of Retribution: Tentacle Hunter Illona
Travelling Maid: Yuni
Divine Spirit of Darkness: Wraith Diva
Awakened Titania
Wraith General: Vies
Iron Maiden: Mei
Wave Maiden Hronn
Wraith Magia: Rosa

Many New Units!

Over 40 New Units Added to the game! Not to mention, various guest units from other VB games are also present!

Multiple New Stages & Game Rebalancing!

A few extra stages have been added to the game! The game will also be rebalanced, with certain items and most units getting new stats and/or skills! As such, the feel of the game should be completely different to the original!

New BGM!

English versions of the Opening and Ending song have been added to the game! And there are also 6 new BGM tracks, battle BGM included!

A Gorgeous Artbook!

With 88 pages, the artbook is also in full colour! We also have official doujinshi drawn by the artists haghag and Isshi Taira included as a 16 page doujin manga at the end of the artbook! Truly a must have for VB fans! (The doujin manga is monochrome and not fully coloured. The 16 pages are included in the 88 page count.)

Title VenusBlood HOLLOW International
Original Title : VenusBlood HYPNO
Genre Dark Lord Awakening Tentacle Turn-based Adventure Strategy RPG
Release Date November 26, 2021.
Compatible OS Windows 7/8.1/10 (DirectX 9.0c and above required, computer mouse required)
Required HDD Free Space 3GB and above
CPU COREi3 and above (COREi5 and above)
Memory 2048(4096)MB and above
V-RAM 256(512)MB and above
Resolution 1280x720 and above, full colour
Developer © dualtail
Will be made available upon release Digitally, with an exclusive Physical edition available for Kickstarter Backers only!
Available upon release from JAST USA / STEAM
(A free patch to restore all cut content will be available for download separately for the All-Ages Version)