Story Synopsis

Odin, having regained her true form during the chaotic war on Yggdrasil, declared war on Loki, the man she once called an ally.
With her stated intention being to eradicate all of Demonkind and take her place as Yggdrasil's sole Overlord, she took to the battlefield. However, she was eventually defeated by Loki and his allies, and was thus captured.
Loki decided to mete out a rather severe punishment to the backstabbing, traitor of a goddess... And he planned to do so with one of her 'daughters', the Goddess of Winter, Rigret, who had become his Servant Deity.

The Imprisoned Absolute God Odin

"Haah...Haah... I expected nothing less of you, my Lord... I... I am nothing more than a pathetic failure..."

Odin(cv.Andou Ryuu)

Once the Chief God in charge of protecting the Floating Island of Yggdrasil, she regained her memories after Surt's demise, and sought to rule the world as the ruler of all existence. However, merely a few steps away from realising her ambition, she lost to Loki and his allies, becoming his prisoner. Subjected to harsh training and disciplining, she eventually took on a more humble and subservient attitude towards Loki, admitting her loss and everlasting loyalty to him. However, there are still signs that she has not yet completely given in...

The Corrupted Youngest Sister Rigret

"Hehe... Seeing Odin like this, unable to resist... She looks so cute...!"

Rigret(cv.Imaya Minami)

One of the four goddesses of the seasons, and is someone akin to Odin's daughter, as she was given power by her.

She is now a servant deity who serves Loki, her heart and soul having been thoroughly corrupted by him. Her personality now is akin to that of an impish devil, seeking to seduce Loki at any given time.

Having been commanded by Loki to assist him in training the imprisoned Odin, she joins him in the training chamber...

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Product Information
Title VenusBlood Dark Chronicles Episode 2: Mother and Daughter's Road to Chaos
Genre Very Tentacly After Stories Visual Novel (FRONTIER)
Staff Original Art: Tange Genta, Scenario: Akumakko, Scripting: Hitachi Makoto, Programming: tomsan, Sound: Solfa, CG: dualtail, CG Support: Future hands, DTP: Ukiyo Life, Website Translation: Fateburn, Translators: Eleventacle, Dr.Octopus, DS55, Editor: Kitty-tama, Voice Acting Credits: Andou Ryuu, Imaya Minami