Story Synopsis

Having conquered the Floating Continent of Yggdrasil, the Overlord Loki began building his new empire. At the same time, the Absolute God Odin who was by his side began construction on the 'inner palace', an inner sanctum of sorts within his palace on Valhalla, where only he and his women are allowed access.
The plan was to create a safe space to rear the children of the Overlord, raising them into worthy successors. With such thoughts tucked away in the back of her mind, Odin approached Loki, who had come to inspect the place...

Their passionate night together has only just begun...

The Absolute God Odin

"Come, do move a little closer to me. Take me into your arms, prince, and embrace me with all of your strength."

Odin(cv.Andou Ryuu)

Once the Chief God in charge of protecting the Floating Island of Yggdrasil, she was the metaphorical pillar of all the goddesses of the seasons, and the one who stands above all divine beings. However, during the war on Yggdrasil, she came to serve under Loki, becoming his servant deity. Anticipating great things to come from his future potential, she willingly chose to follow and serve him. She now serves as the head of his inner palace, taking care of Loki's daily needs, but never passing up a chance to appeal to and seduce him.

These sample CGs are censored on this site for legal reasons. The CGs will be uncensored in the English version of the game.

Product Information
Title VenusBlood AfterDays Episode 6 : The Absolute God Consort
Genre Very Tentacly After Stories Visual Novel (FRONTIER)
Staff Original Art: Tange Genta, Scenario: Akumakko, Scripting: Hitachi Makoto, Programming: tomsan, Sound: Solfa, CG: dualtail, CG Support: Future hands, DTP: Ukiyo Life, Website Translation: Fateburn, Translators: Eleventacle, Dr.Octopus, DS55, Editor: Kitty-tama, Voice Acting Credits: Andou Ryuu