Story Synopsis

The Floating Continent of Yggdrasil is now at peace, and the Overlord Loki has begun reconstruction efforts on the continent following the end of the war.
As he was travelling the continent checking up on the various countries, he decided to pay a visit to Glads, where the Goddess of Winter, Rigret, welcomed him warmly to her newly built hot spring inn.
He decides to spent a few days there together with her...

A story of loving sex and intimacy awaits you in this After story with the Hot Spring's proprietress, the Goddess of Winter, Rigret!

The Guardian Goddess of Winter Rigret

"Welcome! I'm the proprietress of this establishment, Rigret. For these few days, I will do my very best to ensure you have an enjoyable stay, Loki."

Rigret(cv.Imaya Minami)

The Goddess of Winter, the youngest of the 4 goddesses of the seasons who protected the Floating Island of Yggdrasil. She then served Loki as his servant deity, and helped bring an end to the war that engulfed the land. There exists many alternate futures that could await Loki and his beloved women, but in this one, if Rigret had spent time deepening her bond with Loki, she fell deeply in love with him. However, perhaps as a side effect from all the training, she seems to have begun studying up on techniques to please men.

These sample CGs are censored on this site for legal reasons. The CGs will be uncensored in the English version of the game.

Product Information
Title VenusBlood AfterDays Episode 5 : Guardian of the Hot Spring Inn
Genre Very Tentacly After Stories Visual Novel (FRONTIER)
Staff Original Art: Tange Genta, Scenario: Akumakko, Scripting: Hitachi Makoto, Programming: tomsan, Sound: Solfa, CG: dualtail, CG Support: Future hands, DTP: Ukiyo Life, Website Translation: Fateburn, Translators: Eleventacle, Dr.Octopus, DS55, Editor: Kitty-tama, Voice Acting Credits: Imaya Minami