Black Maiden
Anora Arknoah

Scene Code Title Route & Type
A01 Catgirl Anora in Heat!? Law & Love
Details One day, while playing with her cat Envy, something happened that caused Envy to merge with Anora, causing her to grow cat ears and a tail, too! Despite being somewhat worried, she still kept her cool, trying to think about how to hide this from Leon and the rest of the Black Arme Vapula, before Leon enters her room. Upon seeing him, Anora felt her body heat up, and realised it was around the season where cats would go into heat.
2)Anora becoming super Dere-dere (Shy and adorable) as she tries to fight her urges to ‘mate’, but Envy’s instincts and her love for Leon makes this an impossible task.
3)Anora showing a hidden, more loving side of herself that would normally be impossible as she usually is cool, calm, and reserved. After all, when in heat, she loses all inhibitions and just goes all-in on her love for Leon and becomes more shy & docile.
Scene Code Title Route & Type
A02 The Black Maiden Becomes a Mother Law/True & Love
Details Anora confesses to Leon that she wants to bear his child. Eventually she becomes pregnant. During the late stages of her pregnancy, Leon visits her and they're having sex. Due to her pregnancy she's lactating. Curious, Leon sucks her tits while she tells him to leave some for he baby.
Appeal 1. Pregnant Anora
2. Lactation
3. Romance betwen Leon and Anora intensifies
Scene Code Title Route & Type
A03 My Beloved and Our Fruit of Love Chaos & Love
Details Having conquered all of Helvetia, Leon stood at the top as the conqueror of the land. On his bloodstained throne, he makes love to his beloved, Anora. Eventually, they were blessed with a fruit of their love (children). Even when surrounded by a sea of dead bodies, the two of them hope for this happiness to continue long into the future.
Appeal A)Pregnant Sex
B)Anora having sex in a maternity dress
C)Loving sex
Scene Code Title Route & Type
A04 Adult Anora Either & Love
Details Anora was looking to spice things up in the bedroom. She finds a flyer or advertisement on the street or in a newpapers about gaining a pleasing adult body for a period time. Curious, she orders the product and waits for it to arrive. Leon, noticing funds have gone missing goes to consult Anora. He finds her in this rare form, but still brings up the small issue of her spending funds from the war chest.
Appeal A.Thicc Anora
B.Anora being loved and punished at the same time
C.See a different side of Anora!
Scene Code Title Route & Type
A05 An Innocent Maiden's Feelings Law & Love
Details A new mind affecting spell goes awry and backfires on Anora and she's acting a bit weird! When she appears in front of Leon, she's not wearing her signature earrings or black dress, but rather a white sundress (pantsu optional maybe?) and a straw hat. It's hard to tell but maybe Anora has mentally regressed but was she always this innocent or are her current memories false? Leon is taken aback by the change but Anora still has an inexplicable longing for him as if she instinctually knows him as her cousin? Perhaps it's a recreation of Anora's first time or what it would be in an alternate universe?
Appeal We get to see a very lovey dovey childhood sex scene with Anora (Their first time perhaps?)
and show a side of her that is probably unknown to even Anora herself!
Scene Code Title Route & Type
A06 I'll Make You Remember Who's Your Number 1! RapeyLove & Law
Details Anora would be frustrated that her 'other half' is having fun with other girls so she decides to use her powers to shackle him. She then proceed to appear with a latex dom outfit and punish him (probably whip/candle then reverse rape) so he remember that she is better than the other girls.
Appeal 1) Something unique scene wise, as Anora would show her love for Leon in a different way
2) Anora is the only chara whose a scene like this would work without extra.
3) latex domina clothes on Anora
Scene Code Title Route & Type
A07 Anora's Dedication Love & Law
Details Leon was feeling stressed and tired from the contant battles. Wanting to soothe his pain and worries, Anora wore a nurse dress and tended to Leon lovingly.
Appeal Nurse Anora
Scene Code Title Route & Type
A08 An Eternal Connection, The End of an Ambition (Bad Ending) Reverse Rape & Law
Details After losing to Almirangda, Leon was captured. One day, Almirangda brought along with her a thoroughly trained and broken Anora. She proceeds to have Anora rape and drain Leon, using magic to forcibly make him hard over and over. This continues forever, in a never-ending spiral.
Appeal A)Good going, Almirangda
B)Endless Rape by a broken and thoroughly trained by Almirangda Anora
Scene Code Title Route & Type
A09 The Schizophrenic Magical girl Love & Common Route
Details One day Anora stumble upon a weirdly shaped staff, and when she takes hold of it she ends up in a weird and embarrassing pink outfit. From there, she begins to act completely different spouting nonsense such as "protecting everyone's smile" and calling herself a "Magical Girl"(with the normal Anora sometimes taking over to complain), at that moment Leon passed by prompting the Magical girl persona to refers to him as a "bad guy" and "evil one" because of his look while the normal personality ask for his help to help her. Not understanding much Leon decides to have some fun with Anora.
Appeal -Anora as Magical Girl contrasting with her usual self/look
-The two personalities treating what happen in the opposite way(rape for the magical girl/ concensual for Anora)
-You can never go wrong with tentacles and magical girl
Scene Code Title Route & Type
A10 An Accidental Date with a Maiden? Love Law
Details Having failed in an experiment with making use of her own power to brainwash herself, her emotions go haywire and she is unable to keep up her usual cool and calm demeanor. She ends up not caring very much about what other people think as she sticks to Leon and fawns all over him in front of their subordinates, even asking him for a date, and he obliges while also showing off their love in public.
Appeal A)You get to see a different side of the usual calm and cool Anora!
B)Exhibitionism, showing off to subordinates while in a clinging pose!
C)Returning to her senses in the middle of it all, panicking in embarrassment!
Scene Code Title Route & Type
A11 Anora Wants to Show Off! Love Law
Details Seeing Leon spending more and more time with other girls, even Anora, the one closest to him, will feel a little jealous. In an effort to correct this perceived inbalance in time spent together, she decides to fawn over Leon in order to show off theirlove to everyone else, that she is his number 1. However, this plan turned out to be a lot more embarassing that she had first imagined,but eventually started to enjoy the feeling of being watched while being held by Leon.
Appeal A) Outdoor Sex
B) Showing-Off Sex
C) Red-faced Anora
Scene Code Title Route & Type
A12 The Holy Outfit From Another Realm, The School Swimsuit! Love Law
Details The Black Arme Vapula decided on an excursion to the ocean in order to practice swimming. Due to being busy with other matters, Anora had left the matter of her swimsuit to Noel, and was handed... A school swimsuit? It's not like it showed off much skin or anything, but somehow it felt very embarassing for her to wear. Seeing her in that outfit, Leon decided to take her to a secluded spot on the beach for a private rendesvous...But all of a sudden, she feels an urgent need to go to the toilet...?
Appeal A) Japanese School Swimsuit!
B) Cloth around the crotch slid aside for insertion!
C) Peeing
Scene Code Title Route & Type
A13 Love & Desire Love Law
Details This is the story of a day Leon and Anora spent together. After many days of battle,they had little time to spend together, and as their emotions were set to burst, there came a day where they were both free, and spent the entire day just making love to each other. As she bathed in a large of volume of Leon's love, they were both exhausted when night came... However, even that was not enough to stem the tidal wave of love and emotions as Anora mounted Leon to go for another round, she was filled with so much cum that her stomach even started to bulge a little.
Appeal A) A whole day of endurance sex
B) Nonstop, breathless moaning from Anora
C) So much cum that her belly inflates a little
Scene Code Title Route & Type
A14 The Black Maiden's Final Resistance (Bad End) Common Route & Rape
Details Having been defeated at Necrograd, Anora was subjected to various experimentation regarding amplifying her sensations and other such merciless experiments that involved being raped by machines and research staff at Elea's behest. Although she barely manages to retain her sanity, Elea continues to push and mess with her mind until her very ego is broken, and in the end she is left a broken woman, fated to become a sexual plaything for the other research staff
Appeal A) We find out what happens before the bad end scene
Scene Code Title Route & Type
A15 Anora and her beloved descendants Love Chaos
Details Having devoured the world once over, the pair left the now broken world of death and destruction, seeking greener pastures by invading other realms and other worlds. After seeing their descendants do well in battle, Anora and her husband Leon decided to have a bit of an orgy party with their own descendants...
Appeal A) Mama Anora in a sexy Lingerie
B) An Orgy with their Demon Descendants
C) But in the end, the one she still loves the most is Leon
Scene Code Title Route & Type
A16 The Black Maiden Gives in to the Succubus (Bad End) Law Rape End
Details Anora is subjected to hellish torture and training by the Succubus, Almirangda. She resists as best she could, faintly hoping for a rescue from her beloved Leon...But it was then that Almirangda informs her of the cruel truth. Leon had already been defeated, and will never be able to come save her ever again. After that, she was reduced to being a plaything for Almirangda's amusement. With just a single sentence, she had condemned Anora to a broken hell, crushing her hopes and dreams. It was only a matter of time before she gives in.
Appeal A) Anora giving in to Almirangda
B) We get to see how cruel Almirangda can be
Scene Code Title Route & Type
A17 Jet Black Wings Law Rape
Details After the gate is open and the fight with the goddess is over, Anora is left exhausted, both physically and mentally, in the sense that she used up too much of her own Wraith Essence. As a result, she enters a bit of a berserk state in which she catches other people and wraith beasts to absorb their wraith essence, and this is beginning to affect morale. This manifests in the form of black wings, and she continues on her rampage, now setting her sights on her comrades... To stop this, Leon steels his heart and holds her down, using his tentacles to help absorb the wraith essence leaking out of her.
Appeal A very Chuuni-like state for Anora!

The Valorous Youkai Lord

Scene Code Title Route & Type
T01 Super Sexy Drinking Contest Law? & Love?
Details Tsubaki challenges Leon to a drinking contest. While he may have beat in matters of war, no one can beat her when it comes to drinking. It starts off normal, but half way through when both Leon and Tsubaki are beginning to really get drunk, Leon decides he won't be able to win in a fair contest, and decides to do lewd things to Tsubaki to gain the advantage. Tsubaki simply takes in stride and fires back with lewd things of her own! All the while they keep taking shots that would have long killed a normal human. The scene just progresses as they both stop being able to think straight or even talk properly and at one point Leon forgets that this is actually a drinking contest and thinks it's a sex contest to make Tsubaki break from cumming... which he succeeds at doing only to passout from being drunk right after... causing him to lose the contest. Oh and it's all public... again they aren't exactly thinking straight partway through.
Appeal Laugh while you fap!
See what a drunk Leon is like!
Drunk sex with tentacles in Public!
Scene Code Title Route & Type
T02 Love, Egg Laying, and Lingerie Love? & Law
Details Leon realizes Tsubaki wants his child due to him being a strong and dominate male. He's more than willing to give her one... just not in the way she imagines(Egg Laying). Tsubaki prepares a special set of clothes for the night in the form of a tantalizing babydoll lingerie.
Appeal A.Egg laying scene
C.Mostly Pure Love
Scene Code Title Route & Type
T03 Feast for the eyes Love & Law
Details Tsubaki is drunk again and agrees to a feast but little does she know that she is the plate for the food! Leon decides to partake in this wonderful feast and indulges in all of Tsubaki once all the food is gone.
Appeal Nyotaimori is very erotic!
Scene Code Title Route & Type
T04 An Ancient Oni Ritual love? & law
Details Tsubaki, wanting to get back at Leon by getting stronger, performs a secret oni ritual under the full moon to increase her strength. She massively grows in size and becomes a giantess. In her giant form she encounters Leon and puts him inside her vagina. Trapped inside her womb, Leon conjures tentacles and teases her from the inside. After Tsubaki climaxes several times Leon is finally released from her womb. After the effect of the ritual subsides, Tsubaki goes back to her normal size.
Appeal Giantess loli
Internal depiction of sex
Scene Code Title Route & Type
T05 Releasing an Oni's True Charming Form Love & Law
Details One day Tsubaki stumble upon what she think is an old bottle of sake after downing it she realize it was a sacred mixture able to unleash one being hidden potential, overflowing with power her body begin to change, growing in height and in other place she now have the body of a mature and muscular woman. Eager to test her new strength she challenges Leon to a fight, he wins (probably by cheating) and he proceeds to have some fun with this new Tsubaki.
Appeal -Tsubaki with a developed, muscular(with abs) and big breasted body
-Leon using tentacles to play with her new big breast, such as boob jobs and fucking the breast
-Dominating a strong and strong looking woman till she break
Scene Code Title Route & Type
T06 Memories of old, a human Tsubaki Love & Law
Details Having been enveloped by a strange miasma on the battlefield, Tsubaki loses the power of an Oni, becoming a human, not to mention becoming more of a loli than before? Not to mention, her personality became closer to that of a defenseless young maiden. Making the judgement that she is now useless on the battlefield, Leon decided to...Well, find ways to help her regain her original form.
Appeal A)Human and Loli fication
B)Hardcore rape
C)However she is still as old as she was as an Oni so it is 100% safe
Scene Code Title Route & Type
T07 Princess Tsubaki Love Law
Details Leon wanted to see Tsubaki in a different way, for fun. So he hypnotised her to change her personality a little, to one of the proper princess of a kingdom. He plays around with an embarassed Tsubaki who acts shy and reserved as a princess meeting with her prince charming.
Appeal A shy, embarassed and more demure Tsubaki
Scene Code Title Route & Type
T08 Current Generation Sex Goddess Tsubaki Rapey Law
Details After becoming a futanari, she couldn't hold herself back anymore, and tsubaki proceeded to rape an entire village of women. However, strangely, the village became a cult, worshiping her as a sexual goddess. She found this rather embarrassing.
Appeal A)Futanari Tsubaki
B)Group sex with a bunch of village women
C)Somewhat comedic element
Scene Code Title Route & Type
T09 The Abyssal Yaksha Love Chaos
Details Tsubaki was one day presented with a pretty dress. Apparently, it was a dress worn by a dark lord who fought the goddess. There is nothing more fishy than something like this, but she bought it anyway. It was probably real, maybe. One day, Leon was sent a challenge letter, that the loser must do what the winner says if they lose, kind of challenge. It was then that Tsubaki appeared wearing this dress.
Appeal A)It's basically Lucina from VBA's dress, so a cosplaying Tsubaki
B)A frilly outfit and outddoor sex
Scene Code Title Route & Type
T10 A Broke Tsubaki Rapey Law
Details One day, Tsubaki was happily gambling with Leon. Although she won big at the start, she kept on a losing streak afterwards, eventually losing all her money and the price becoming removing more pieces of clothing should she keep losing, kinda like strip poker. Eventually, she lost all her clothes, and had to walk back to her room fully naked to grab a change of clothes.
Appeal A)A gambler Tsubaki
B)Exhibitionism and an embarassed Tsubaki
Scene Code Title Route & Type
T11 Plaything Tsubaki and soapland play Rapey Chaos
Details Having been abandoned by Leon, Tsubaki was carted off by some shady nobles who trained her to their liking. Stuff like a twintail china dress cosplay, making her engage in soap play with the nobles, cowgirl position, licking their feet as she is forced to ride the man below, basically servicing them while spouting dirty words and pleasantries.
Appeal A)Dirty speak from Tsubaki
B)Cosplay Cowgirl Soapland Play
C)Twintail China Dress and barefoot
Scene Code Title Route & Type
T12 Naked Kowtow & Re-Brainwashing Rapey Chaos
Details After returning to her senses and, realising everything that transpired, Tsubaki rebelled against Leon, who eventually put her down (non-lethally) with Ayame. Despite having her memories and sanity returned, having lost, she had no choice but to submit to the both of them and follow their orders, resulting in her kowtowing before them while naked, begging for forgiveness. Although she felt humiliated, some part of her body remembers her brainwashing and feels pleasure. After cumming a few times, she is eventually re-brainwashed.
Appeal A)A rebellious Tsubaki being forced to kowtow while naked!
B)Humiliation & Arousal at the same time!
C)Being re-brainwashed after having returned to normal, but her body still remembers
Scene Code Title Route & Type
T13 A Kingpin in the Afternoon, a Maiden at Night Love Law
Details Having completed their little journey in Rakshasa, Tsubaki returned to the castle together with Leon. After getting some time off having completed a bunch of paperwork were sorted, they decided to make love then and there. Their lust & libido unleashed without restraint, they made love all through the night. However, the next day, rumours began to surface regarding Tsubaki's very loud moaning voice last night...
Appeal A) Loving Sex
B) Loving Morning After Scene
C) A rare, cute scene of Tsubaki getting embarassed!
Scene Code Title Route & Type
T14 Tsubaki vs 100 Tentacles Rapey Chaos
Details Having figured out that experience fighting against multiple opponents would be indispensible on the battlefield, Tsubaki decides to fight a ton of tentacles at once while others were watching for reference. She had some success early on, but eventually the tentacles decided to combine into each other, forming a humanoid tentacle...thing. It overpoweres Tsubaki, before proceeding to wrap some tendrils around her legs to prevent escape as it rapes her, filling her with so much cum that her stomach starts to bulge a little.
Appeal A) A humanoid Tentacle holding Tsubaki Down
B) An advanced form of Tentacle!
C) We need more bulging belly scenes
Scene Code Title Route & Type
T15 The Broken Oni, Now a Plaything Rapey Chaos End
Details After the end, Broken Tsubaki is sold to one of Leon's subordinates who takes her home, and we get to see what happens afterwards. Having had her horns cut off, we get to see her dressed up in frilly dresss and sports a twintail hair style as she does her best to please her new master, accepting her place as a dress up doll and plaything to the pervert who had bought her.
Appeal A) What happens after Leon tosses her aside? Now we get to see
B) Twintail Hornless Tsubaki
C) A more reserved, shy Tsubaki?
Scene Code Title Route & Type
T16 Goth Loli Oni Princess Tsubaki Love Law
Details One day, Tsubaki was invited to an evening party with some powerful nobles from the Empire. Despite her objections, she had no choice but to wear a frilly, princess-like dress to the party. After the party, Leon got rid of all the lolicon nobles and chased them off. He then told her he knew a quiet place for her to take a load off and relax, before taking her to a secluded area for some sex.
Appeal A) Tsubaki in a frilly princess-like dress!
B) Tsubaki getting all embarassed wearing a dress that she considers
weird for someone like her to be wearing.
Scene Code Title Route & Type
T17 In Search of Power Rapey Chaos
Details Disagreeing with the way in which Leon in the chaos route goes about things, Tsubaki tries to rebel against Leon, not losing the defiant attitude despite losing to him again. Heeding an inner voice that asked if she wanted more power, and in her despair, she answers yes, before she is then assaulted by countless tentacles, being covered completely in a sea of tentacles. She is then granted a new power after the ordeal, and stands up once more.
Appeal A) Tsubaki gets excited not from lust but bloodlust
B) Less Moe and more Battle! The power of the Darkness!
C) Her entire right arm can now transform into a tentacle blade!
Scene Code Title Route & Type
T18 A Tea Shop's Poster Oni Love Law
Details In Rakshasa, Leon and Tsubaki run into an owner of a tea shop that isn't doing so well. Apparently, his wife has recently fallen ill, and although her life is not in danger, he wants to look after and care for his sick wife, but needs workers to tend to his store. As he hears this, Leon grins somewhat menacingly as he snuck a glance at Tsubaki, before saying that he knows of a perfect candidate for a 'poster girl' to get more people to come to the store.
Appeal A) A different look for Tsubaki, more of a demure village girl look
B) Tsubaki getting embarassed because she isn't used to wearing such clothes
C) A kind of scene where you can nod and say 'Yep, what a cure poster girl'
D) Perhaps a scene of them working where Leon 'checks' the progress of Tsubaki's training
Scene Code Title Route & Type
T19 Celebratory Sake Rapey Law
Details Tsubaki wants to celebrate a recent victory with a drinking party and pushes Leon into opening one. Annoyed, he does so, but then proceeds to stick a bottle up her ass, pouring alcohol directly in before proceeding to fuck a now drunk Tsubaki in the ass.
Appeal A) Drunk Tsubaki
B) Loli Anal
C) Profit?

The Onmyouji Dorm's Sorcerer of Wind

Scene Code Title Route & Type
K01 False Love Rapey Chaos Leaning
Details Leon thinks of a way to make Kaya his woman. Leon uses brainwashing as usual to make himself appear as Shinra! As Shinra, Leon would seduce Kaya and for the first half of the scene, have some heartwarming sex between two lovers... until right when Kaya's pleasure is at its highest point, Leon would reveal his cruel trick to Kaya! All that pleasure she just experienced, all those feelings of love she felt just now, was in fact caused by none other than Leon. With her mind drunk on pleasure, Kaya's feelings get mixed up in a confused mess, a mess which Leons revels in watching. At the end Kaya laments that she can never be a wife now, while Leon tells her her she can just be his mistress instead.
Appeal Watch Leon be emotionally cruel!
Brainwashed lovey-dovey sex, followed by revelation and rape!
Brainwashed Netori Goodness!
Scene Code Title Route & Type
K02 For My Beloved Love/Rape & Chaos
Details Kaya found Shinra alive and is providing for him, but the now war torn world is encroaching on their safety. Kaya, desperate to keep Shinra safe, seeks out Leon's army to provide shelter. She strikes a deal with Leon that in exchange for her 'services' Leon will keep them safe. The scene starts with Kaya being adamant that she will not abandon Shinra. Leon may have her body but not her heart, and such. But by the end...
Appeal A. Cucking Shinra
B. Breaking personal values
C. Feeling of Pure love but incredibly twisted
Scene Code Title Route & Type
K03 Shinra's Shadow Rapey Chaos
Details Somehow, Shinra, who had disappeared, suddenly reappeared before Kaya? However, it was actually just Leon who looks like Shinra somehow. Although she has her doubts, Kaya is still overjoyed to see Shinra again, and listenes to anything he says and obeys any command he gives, even if it is a little...weird or sexual, until eventually her own common sense of normality starts to distort...
Appeal A)Stealing everything precious to Kaya
Scene Code Title Route & Type
K04 Leon's new property Rapey Chaos
Details Tsubaki isn't feeling well, and when the castle HQ is invaded, Shinra challenges Leon but loses, and Leon proceeds to capture kaya and do the usual brainwashing training. At first she screams out for Shinra and resists as best as she can, but after being brainwashed and raped, she was sent back to tsubaki's castle with a crotch tattoo, basically as a message. A message in physical form that shows them just how screwed they are in the war...
Appeal -Netori - ing Shinra
-Crotch Tattoo
-Brainwashing Rape
Scene Code Title Route & Type
K05 Kaya's beastly pleasures Rapey Chaos
Details Having successfully captured Kaya, Leon summons a three-headed dog with three dicks to humiliate Kaya. The three-headed dog proceeds to rape Kaya in her three holes (vaginal, anal, oral) with its three dicks. Kaya is raped for several hours by the dog as she screams and pleads for mercy and gets pumped repeatedly. Due to the massive amounts of cum her stomach bulges.
Appeal Bestiality
Stomach bulge from massive amount of cum
Scene Code Title Route & Type
K06 Falling with Style! Rapey Chaos
Details While practicing her skills at manipulating wind as an onmyouji, the effects of an aphrodisiac prepared by Leon earlier takes effect?! Unable to resist the temptation for sex, she grabs Leon, brings him to a cliffside before jumping off with him. Just like that, they have sex while flying in the air. SKYDIVING SEX!
Scene Code Title Route & Type
K07 Confessing my true feelings (Kaya x Shinra) Love & Law
Details After the battle with Raksasha ended with Kaya and Shinra regrouping with Leon's army, Kaya snuck into Shinra's room and professed her love for him, he is a little surprised at the sudden confession and doesn't quite react, she then proceeds to mount and basically rape him since he doesn't make a move.
Appeal A)Confession + Loving rape
B)An embarrassed Kaya awkwardly gets on top for him
C)A virgin's first time
Scene Code Title Route & Type
K08 Awaken, Shinra. Devoted Love & Healing. (Kaya x Shinra) Love & Law
Details Shinra was hurt and Kaya watched over him. She was worried because he hasnt woken up in awhile. She decided to try an ancient healing technique...
Appeal A)Loving Kaya x Shinra sex
B) Shinra and Kaya get a bit of a happy end
c)A loving story of love and devotion
Scene Code Title Route & Type
K09 The Slave Storyteller Rapey Chaos
Details Having lost the one most important to her, Kaya has kept her feelings and memories of him locked away in her heart and continue living for the both of them. The poor girl is then captured and forced to undergo training and brainwashing. She undergoes changes in her sensitivity, and everytime she climaxes she is filled with warm feelings of love and adoration for Leon. Although she resists as best she can at first, she eventually falls and becomes his sex slave, pledging her allegiance to him.
Appeal A)Ah, how sweet, Kaya still remembers and treasures her memories of Shinra!
B)But slowly, her love and memories are eventually overwritten by Leon!
C)In the end, she proudly becomes his sex slave and tells stories of his greatness!
Scene Code Title Route & Type
K10 The Fallen Tengu Girl Rapey Chaos
Details After Chaos Leon defeated the forces of Rakshasa once more, Kaya was attempting to escape the battlefield with Shinra but was captured by Leon's forces. They made a deal where they'd let Shinra go if Kaya 'services' them, to which she agrees. Right then and there, they gang-raped Kaya in front of Shinra. As they continued raping her, she eventually became more and more of a sex toy than a person in their eyes, and at the end when they were done with her, she lay there exhausted and covered in sperm, but felt a strange happiness at her new position as the soldiers' sexual plaything.
Appeal A) Raped in front of her childhood friend!
B) Being treated like a toy, leaving her with 0 dignity
C)The happiness she now finds having accepted a new role as a sex toy
Scene Code Title Route & Type
K11 The Fate of the Slow Rapey Chaos
Details A few months after the battle at Raksasha, Shinra, who was captive in a dungeon, bided his time, healing his wounds. When the time was right, he took out the prison warden when he let his guard down and tried to escape. As he was doing so, he caught one of the guards and forced him to tell him where Kaya was, before rushing to the training room. As he was about to barge in, he could hear Kaya's voice, except it was...tinged with an almost lustful pleasure? She was moaning. Worried, he snuck a peek, and there he saw a Kaya whose hair was dyed blonde with dark skin and tattoos, wearing a skimpy outfit as she was being fucked by Leon...
Appeal A) A dramatic before-and-after type scene! Shinra witnesses his childhood friend become a slutty bitch!
B) Kaya claiming Leon's dick is better than Shinra's, almost as a direct jab at him who is peeking in!
C) Netori can be cool too
Scene Code Title Route & Type
K12 A Leader's Duty Rapey Chaos
Details Having lost the battle with Leon, Shinra is incapacitated and Kaya is captured, and she is fastened to a pillory. Leon then threatened her former allies, saying that if they do not rape Kaya, their lives are forfeit. Seeing their hesitation, Kaya tells them to do so. She reassures them that even if her body gives in, her soul, her heart will not. However, Leon had implanted brainwashing into her subordinates that activate when they have sex, causing them to lose their sanity when raping Kaya. Leon tells her that in order to save them, she has to help 'relieve' their urges. He tells her to take responsibility as their leader. Will she be able to retain her sanity in the face of being brutally gang-raped by her former subordinates? Eventually, her jet black wings are stained white with the sperm of her former allies.
B)Kaya Raped by her allies!
C) Bukkakke all over her wings!
Scene Code Title Route & Type
K13 The Despairing Storyteller Rapey Chaos
Details Having undergone the Awakening process, Tsubaki and Ayame went back to Rakshasa. There, they questioned many townsfolk as to the whereabouts of Kaya who had disappeared. In order to curry favour with Leon, they captured Kaya and presented her to Leon. As she despairs at this betrayal from her former master, Leon tosses her to former Rakshasa soldiers who willingly joined Leon's forces together with some tentacles. At the end, she is subject to Leon's brainwashing and pledges her alliegance to Leon alongside her former master.
Appeal A) A despairing Kaya is raped!
B) Even Brainwashing seems like an escape from the cruel reality that she finds herself in

The Purple Flash Kunoichi

Scene Code Title Route & Type
N01 The Gap in Between a Shinobi's Love and Her Duty Love & Law
Details Nazuna expertly sneaks into Leon's room one night, intent on bringing an end to him while he sleeps. Slaying him would surely set Rakshasa free, she reasoned. Poised to kill the man at any moment, she hesitates, her heart having wavered to this man's side after their first night in bed. As much as she tries to kill her emotions as a ninja should, she just can't! Getting bored of waiting for the nue woman to make up her mind, Leon asks her to hurry up with whatever she's doing. He wasn't asleep at all! Shocked, Nazuna makes excuses about a Ninja's duty, but eventually submits to him, and he proceeded to throughly 'punish' her and teach her that the truth is her heart already sees Leon as her new master.
Appeal Emotional scene for Nazuna! Does Love or Loyalty win out!?
See her fuck in sexy ninja clothes!
Lighter scene without weird stuff!
Scene Code Title Route & Type
N02 Kunoichi Bedroom Techniques Love & Either
Details Leon has the idea of sending Nazuna out to extract information from the enemy by using her Kunoichi skills of pleasing men. Leon deems that a test is in order to see if she is the real deal. He calls Nazuna to his room and decides to use his own dick instead of just tentacles to truly test how good she is. Nazuna puts on quite the display and by the end Leon decides to scrap the idea get possessive, saying to her: 'You're mine now.'
Appeal A. Kunoichi Bedroom Techniques
B. Fishnets
C. Leon asserting dominance and getting possessive
Scene Code Title Route & Type
N03 Proof of Loyalty Love Law
Details As the battle against the Varganian Empire heads towards a conclusion, Nazuna visits Leon on the night before the final battle. She has decided to wholeheartedly serve Leon and recognises him as her true master. Although she was once captured and raped by tentacles, she now pledges her eternal loyalty to him, and as a result, sincerely and with all her heart, she gives herself to him.
Appeal A)Nazuna treating her master and king with respect
Scene Code Title Route & Type
N04 Secret Ninja Yuri Training with a Clone Love Law
Details Leon hears strange suspicious sounds from Nazuna's room. He sneaks into her room and finds that she is having some yuri sex with a clone of herself inside of some kind of orb?! He doesn't quite get it, but jumps at the chance at a 3P...But unfortunately, it was not to be. Due to Nazuna using some kind of secret hidden Nue technique, she encased herself and her clone in an enclosed space in the orb, and no other person can intrude! Irrated, Leon decides to just watch the scene before him unfold. After it ends and Nazuna comes out, Leon tells her to invite him the next time she does something like this.
Appeal Yuri scene with clones
Two Nazunas
Peeping Tom Feeling
Scene Code Title Route & Type
N05 A Bunny Caught Behind Enemy Lines, Nazuna Rape & Either
Details A Ninja's morning is a busy one. Nazuna prepares a bunny suit as her costume for her next infiltration mission. She tries it on and prepares to return, but she was caught by a general from the Varganian Empire and labelled as a spy. She was eventually put up for sale in an Auction. The Auction heats up and the winning bid goes to...Leon? He decides to publicly punish her for failing her mission so spectacularly. However, what was worse was actually Leon's skill at deception and his disguise is perfect.
Appeal We get to see an embarrassed Nazuna while Leon exerts his dominance in front of all the slave traders and auction bidders! Such an erotic situation!
Scene Code Title Route & Type
N06 A Village Burnt Down, A New Head Ninja Rape & Either
Details After a large battle, a brainwashed Nazuna became the leader of a village of shinobi after assassinating the previous leader. The shinobi of the empire are required to dress in erotic clothing, and to all the kunoichi remaining in the village are to use their sexual techniques to gather intel from the enemy.
Appeal A)Ah yes, the classic betrayal and inevitable destruction of a shinobi village
B)Thigh-high erotic ninja outfit! Woo!
C)Brainwashed girls undergoing kunoichi training to become more erotic!
Scene Code Title Route & Type
N07 Kunoichi's Challenge Rape & Either
Details Having pledged to one day take revenge for her humiliating defeat at Leon's hands, Nazuna infiltrates his bedroom in the dead of night to bind him and have her way with him in a bid to defeat him using her sexual prowess. When he wakes up she would appear on top with full body fishnets and she would challenge him to make a bet, the first one to cum wins. He will accept and play along until he is tired and will summon tentacles to completely drown her in pleasure making her lose the bet.
Appeal 1) Semi-dom scene at first but end up reversed into tentacles
2) Fit with Nazuna being a mischievous ninja.
3) Fishnet clothes
Scene Code Title Route & Type
N08 The Fate of a Kunoichi Rape Chaos
Details Rakshasa has fallen. Tsubaki and all the other important figures in the country were now in Leon's hands. Nazuna was one of the many he had captured. In order to prevent other Rakshasa folk from causing any trouble, he crucifies Nazuna to serve as an example, as she is paraded around crowded cities and raped by tentacles at the same time, as Leon keeps an eye out for any who might come to her aid.
Appeal A)Crucifixion
B)Paraded through the cities while being raped by tentacles
Scene Code Title Route & Type
N09 The Summoned beast mate Rapey Chaos
Details One day Nazuna was practicing a secret shinobi technique: the summoning jutsu. To try and summon a wraith beast. however, unfortunately, perhaps due to the influence of her nue blood she end up summoning a weird distorted chimera. Leon sees this after coming to check out what the commotion is all about, and immediately take control of it. He decides to have it mate with its master as punishment for her failed summoning.
Appeal -Monster rape/insemination
-Raised sensitivity for the girl through the monster fluid
-Monster unique physiology used to mind break Nazuna
Scene Code Title Route & Type
N10 A Fallen Shinobi's Reward Love/Rape(?) & Chaos
Details Having been brainwashed, Nazuna used her skills and charisma as a kunoichi to trick other kunoichi into also becoming Leon's sex slaves. As a result, she is to be rewarded. Said reward is her receiving a mark on her crotch as proof of her loyalty to Leon, as well as a collar, and some sexy lingerie that she wears as she rides Leon while lovingly holding hands as if they were lovers. She pledges her love and loyalty to her new master as she shakes her hips.
Appeal A)Lingerie, crotch tattoo, cowgirl!
B)She's so happy that her eyes become heart marks!
C)Even all the other brainwashed Kunoichi support this pairing!
Scene Code Title Route & Type
N11 The Lustful Shinobi of Rakshasa Rapey Chaos
Details Having her sensitivity raised during their last session, Nazuna's body's sentivity has finally returned to normal levels. However, her body still remembers the sensation of heightened sensitivity and she can't stop masturbating every night. Unfortunately, without the hypersensitivity, she just can't satisfy herself anymore, and it has reached a point where the memory of such pleasure dominates her mind. Due to this distracting her, she failed in her mission and was captured, where her body was returned to a heightened sensitivity, except via the use of drugs this time, amplifying the effect. She finally got what she wanted, and a lot more, as she remains both fearful and yet excited for what is to come as she is raped.
Appeal A) Nazuna loses to pleasure, losing all sanity
B) Failing her mission, getting caught and humiliated
C) A mixture of expectation and fear as things are done to her
Scene Code Title Route & Type
N12 Breaking the Fallen Ninja Rapey Chaos
Details After taking down Rakshasa, Leon fucked Nazuna by claiming it's her reward. However, his real intention was to perfect a way to get and corrupt Tsubaki and Ayame without breaking them via researching with Nazuna. So he ties Nazuna up, removes her brainwashing and then immediately brainwashing her again, convincing her that the reason Rakshasa lost was because of her having personally been captured by him, he breaks her mentally.
Appeal A) While brainwashed, we get to see her happy when she gets her reward
B) Once un-brainwashed, she shows her contempt for her mortal enemy, but her body is that of a loyal slave
C)Repeated brainwashing and undoing eventually breaking her mentally, until she eventually begs for mercy
D) of course, we gots tentacles involved too
Scene Code Title Route & Type
N13 Kunoichi Public Toilet Rapey Chaos
Details Apart from her usual duties as a ninja, she was given another job...To be a public toilet, a sexual outlet for the lowly soldiers of Leon's army. We have goblins, kobolds, beastfolk and even weaker soldiers are allowed to use her as they please.
Appeal A) Public Toilet!
B) Gang raped by cannon fodder!
Scene Code Title Route & Type
N14 The Arafunanshu's End Rapey Chaos
Details Nazuna, having pledged everything to her new master, was left in charge of the final assault on Rakshasa near the end of the war to conquer the country. In order to gain a foothold on the intelligence network of Rakshasa, he wanted to subjugate the remaining Arafunanshu. Having had her sensitivity heightened to about 10x the normal via brainwashing, she returns to her village to subjugate the new leader of the Arafunanshu
Appeal A) I want to see Nazuna betray her former comrades!
B) Futanari Nue brainwashed ninja!
C) Every Kunoichi gets 10x sensitivity! Watch them all fall before the pleasure!
Scene Code Title Route & Type
N15 Nazuna's Special Tentacle Unit Rapey Chaos
Details While she was out on a scouting mission, Nazuna comes across a box apparently made for her. However, when she opened the box, there were just, a TON of tentacles! They use their tendrils to wiggle into her brain causing their sensations to link, allowing her to use the power of the tentacles but she wasn't too happy as they were clinging to her. She tried to carry the box out of the forest herself, but the tentacles overtook her higher brain functions and caused her libido and lust to explode, turning her into a metaphorical beast of lust.
Appeal A) The tentacles go into her fluffy ears
B) Nazuna starts to bark a bit like a dog after turning into a 'beast'
C) Possession!
Scene Code Title Route & Type
N16 Tentacle Soul Harvest Rapey Chaos
Details Nazuna is now loyal to Leon after undergoing some brainwashing. Leon considers preparing her to eventually be used to fuel Tactica, and so he has her grow a dick and uses his tentacles to slowly absorb the essence of her soul.
Appeal A) Tentacle Fleshlight as she shakes her hips
B) Ejaculating parts of her soul out
C)Partway through her brainwashing is undone but she can't control herself
Scene Code Title Route & Type
N17 A Final Gift to take to the Grave (Bad End) Rapey Chaos End
Details Faced with the invasion of Rakshasa, Ayame decided to take the initiative against Leon. Leon, walking through the streets of the conquered Rakshasa, decided to grab a certain pretty little village girl to have his way with her roughly. However, it turns out that this beautiful rose is not without its thorns, and he would not have known that he would be climaxing all the way until his last breath...
Appeal A) DEAD END. Leon Dies. (Avoidable via Choice)
B) Death by being squeezed dry of all your sperm
C) What? Femme Fatale Sakura? Who's that? I certainly don't recognise that name, lol.

Archlond's Pirate Sisters

Scene Code Title Route & Type
D01 Please Don't Throw Us Away! Love Leaning & Either
Details Dorothy is worried about Amy constantly making mistakes and is worried about being able to keep their place in Leon's army. Dorothy confronts Leon to accept Amy's punishments and to negotiate a backup plan for staying in his employ. She offers him sex with her, involving sexual plays with a slime, the chance to experience things he never could with a normal girl. Leon has never indulged in slime intercourse before and gets curious. After doing the deed Leon realizes the slimes' potential (in the bedroom) and vows to keep them at least as sexual slaves, even if they become useless to him on the battlefield. He considers calling Amy or both of them next time.
Appeal A.Slime Intercourse
B.Semen floating in body
C.Lewd seeking Dorothy
Scene Code Title Route & Type
D02 Black Whims Rapey Chaos
Details Leon was wondering if there was anything interesting he could do to the slimes under his command. He decides to turn Dorothy's entire body into an erogenous zone for fun. Although she acted firm and normal, she couldn't help but yearn for Leon.
Appeal A)Dorothy unable to resist her womanly urges
Scene Code Title Route & Type
D03 What a woman can do a slime can do better! Love/Rape(?) & Either
Details Dorothy comes to Leon's room with a proposal. If Leon promises to never lay a hand on Amy again, she would be willing to please Leon. Amused, Leon takes Dorothy up on her offer, although debating in his head whether to actually honor the deal. He tells her he will agree only if she really can satisfy him by herself. The scenes leads to Dorothy riding on top of Leon,all the while Leon can watch himself move inside Dorothy thanks to her transparent body, and when he orgasms you can see his cum floating around in her body, slowing dissolving a being mixed in. Even when this starts to become too much for Dorothy, she keeps her promise and does her best to actively pleasure Leon, all for the sake of her sister, Amy.
Appeal Shows off many different things a slime body can do!
Some character devolpment for Dorothy protecting her beloved idiot sister!
Because of a Slime's transparent body, you can see what's going on inside!
Scene Code Title Route & Type
D04 Chocolate Party Love Law
Details Dorothy can't form her slime clothes for some unknown reason (perhaps one of Elea's mishaps?) and she's too embarrassed to go out but she luckily has a backup plan. There's extra chocolates from the previous Chocolate Party they had and she can cover up a little with "choco-clothes"!
However, after meeting up with the rest of Leon's women, she meets Leon himself and the chocolate is starting to melt. Leon being a responsible adult helps clean up the melting chocolate in the most direct method: orally. However, the chocolate wasn't the only thing that was hot and bothered! Now Dorothy wants some action too!
Appeal Chocolate and slimes, what a powerful combination!
Scene Code Title Route & Type
D05 Slime Balloon Love/Rape(?) Either
Details After the Slime Pirates joined Leon's army, Dorothy comes to his room for negotiations.If he would promote them, she will introduce a new kind of sexual play, which is to... Completely envelop him in her slime body. That's right, a bit of light Vore/Envelopment play! How will Leon deal with such an interesting sexual play? Does he have a chance to retake the initiative?
Appeal Leon is completely enveloped by Dorothy
Scene Code Title Route & Type
D06 Giant Dorothy Love/Rape(?) Either
Details One day Dorothy for some reason absorbed a huge quantity of water (or energies) into her body becoming giant. She accidentally absorb Leon into it who irritated(and able to breath with magic) summon his tentacles from inside to torment her and drain her of the surplus of water/energy
Appeal -Giantess getting tormented
-Transparent and liquid body allowing to see the tentacles inside and allowing them to come out from anywhere
-Energy Drain
Scene Code Title Route & Type
D07 Pure White Milky Slime Rapey Either
Details After joining Leon's army, dorothy became rather attached to him, and clings to him any chance she gets. She still talks to him rather rudely, and Leon considers this an annoyance. He decides to discipline her and uses his tentacles to basically make her cum hundreds of time. Her body is filled with a ton of semen. For some reason this had the opposite effect of what he intended, and actually made her cling to him more.
Appeal A)Lots of Semen
B)A bit of tsundere-ness with a dum-dum slime
C)A bit comedic
Scene Code Title Route & Type
D08 A former pirate girl's market exhibition Rapey Law
Details After she stopped being a pirate, Dorothy became security detail for traders loyal to Leon. When asked to do introductions for a line of products, she agreed, but they were adult goods...? She still continues to introduce it, but eventually, she is asked to demonstrate how some of them work...
Appeal A)Introducing adult goods
B)'demo-ing' these goods
C) In the end, we aren't even sure if this really happened
Scene Code Title Route & Type
D09 Automatic Slime Fleshlight Love/Rape? & Either
Details Using her body's unique functions to her advantage, a brainwashed Dorothy attempts to please her master, Leon. He also considers her more or less just a fleshlight at this point, considering her body's unique properties. She also cums a few times just from the thought and happiness of being able to be of use to her beloved master, and he berates her for that. So as a slave and as an automatic fleshlight, she proceeds to service her beloved Leon. May she be happy doing so for the rest of her days, yes?
Appeal A)Dorothy being a loving slave and servicing her master as a fleshlight
B)Although she is but a toy, she still climaxes as if she was his partner!
C)She becomes super happy from being praised by Leon and is all smiles
Scene Code Title Route & Type
D10 The Cloudy Slime Lady Rapey Chaos
Details Leon was finding that Dorothy and the rest simply weren't that useful against powerful enemies like the Demon gods or Angels, and looks for a way to make them stronger. He finds that by filling them with the bodily fluids of a stronger being, specifically semen, he could impart some of that strength to them. He then grabs the unwilling Dorothy with Tentacles, having it fill her to the brim with Semen while also tossing her into a pool of semen to internally overwrite some cells with his sperm.
Appeal A) Semen Bath
B) Destruction of her Dignity!
Scene Code Title Route & Type
D11 Jailbreak Penalty: Cube Punishment Rapey&Either
Details Despite being captured and held captive, Dorothy realised that for some reason, she was left mostly unguarded. That being the case, she decided to stage a jailbreak. Breaking free of her chains, she broke open the door, squeezed into a small water pipe and just as she had reached the end... "Well, figures that you'd pull something like this". She was met with a derisive comment as Leon stood at the exit, looking at her with exasperation evident on his face. He then proceeded to 'punish' her so that she never tries to pull something like this again by stuffing her into a cuboid, leaving her holes on the surface so that they can be penetrated.
Appeal A) A bit of a gag scene
B) Stuffed into a cuboid
C) As she is a slime, you can be rough with her body and it will still retain its shape
Scene Code Title Route & Type
D12 A Crying & Clingy Water Sprite Rapey & Either
Details After Archlond fell, Dorothy began to consider various things after battling alongside Leon, as well as concerns for upcoming battles, and decided to visit his room. She requested the chance to service Leon, and he found this prospect intriguing, and allowed her to do as she pleased. She felt both pleasure at being allowed to serve her master, while also feeling afraid that she would be tossed aside after the battle at Archlond ended. As such, she began to cling more closely to Leon and services him to the best of her ability.
Appeal A) The false happiness and passion displayed from brainwashing that she gets from servicing her master
B)She cries and pleads for him not to toss her aside as he insults and chastises her
C) The moment he mentions he plans to make use of her from now on, her crying instantly turns into tears of joy and she pledges her eternal loyalty to him
Scene Code Title Route & Type
D13 Slime Weapon Testing Rapey Chaos
Details Leon gets the idea to make the ultimate weapon from seeing how flexible a Slime's body was, and uses Dorothy as a test subject. What kind of experiments? Well... Doing all sorts of hardcore stuff to her that a human body would not be able to withstand.
Appeal A) All sorts of sexual plays that can only be done with a Slime's body
Scene Code Title Route & Type
D14 Maid Dorothy Wants to be Impregnated! Love & Either
Details One day, Dorothy's brainwashing suddenly came undone. However, having already taken in Leon's sperm countless times as a loyal slave, she can't bring herself to see him as an enemy, rather, she has come to see him in a more romantic light, and she finds that she wants to have his baby. Trapped in a flurry of emotions, she eventually decides to visit him at night dressed in a maid outfit. Ignoring that pregnancy between interspecies sex would be difficult, a night of baby-making sex between a slime lady and her master begins.
Appeal A) Maid Outfit + Flower Accessory Slime Lady!
B) A very loving scene featuring Dorothy!
C) She desperately confesses midway through sex that she wants his baby!
Scene Code Title Route & Type
D15 Staining You in My Colour Rapey Chaos
Details Having become a loyal slave after undergoing brainwashing, Leon made it so that the brainwashing power used on her will infect individuals she 'links' with. To make ample use of this power, he leaves her in charge of the Black Arme Vapula's Manhunting squad. This squad is one focused on manhunting certain individuals hiding away in the various countries and forcing them into submission as slaves.On this most recent hunt, a believer of El Nath, a priestess, was captured. She chose to stay behind as a decoy so her comrades could escape, and she will now have her brain figuratively turn to mush after 'linking' with the slime, and sells out her comrades by divulging their location... but that part is a story for another day.
Appeal A) A body-Enveloping play made possible by how soft a slime's body is
B) Turning the girl's brain to mush
C) Seeing a pure maiden be corrupted into a slut, how amazing is that?
Scene Code Title Route & Type
D16 A Lovely Night Together in the Ship's Cabin Love Law
Details Having had a few meetings with Leon in her ship, Dorothy began to take a personal interest in Leon. Having discussed this with her sister who very promptly told their subordinates, everyone tells her she is in love with him. Wanting to confirm if this was the case, Dorothy decided to bring it up with Leon when he came for his next visit, it eventually leads to sex. Realisation dawned on her that she was in fact in love with him causes an almost euphoric happiness to well up inside of her as she lay with Leon.
Appeal A) A loving, fawning Dorothy
B) A flirty, and very much in-love Dorothy
C) As such, she will very actively do her best to service and please Leon